happy birthday myu chan~!

Camus Headcannons!!

Happy Birthday, Myu-chan!

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Because he doesn’t accept failure, dates are VERY carefully planned out. Spontaneous adventures aren’t all that spontaneous. He does NOT go with the flow.

He loves to go ice skating and will patiently teach them how to grace the ices just as he does. Consider it a part of a bonding experience.

He only kisses on the first date if he REALLY likes the person, but even then it’s only a gentle kiss on their hand. He wouldn’t kiss them until maybe the third date, unless for some reason, he has an overflowing desire so kiss them. But he has pretty good self-control, so that’d almost never happen.


When Camus is in a relationship he is wholeheartedly devoted to that person. He enjoys spoiling his lover and treats them like they are his King/Queen.

He would fall in love with his s/o again if they show interest in his country’s culture and would stop at nothing to take them for a visit if they want.

If he has an open day or two in his schedule, he carefully plans out the days filled with things he things his partner could enjoy.

He can get pretty jealous. It may sometimes lead to petty arguments because he doesn't know how to just admit that he’s jealous.

He isn’t too shy to hold his lover’s hand or kiss them in public. BUT, he was rules for PDA. He’d never grope/touch his s/o suggestively while in public or give them any more than a quick peek on the lips. 


If his partner is sitting close enough to him, he will almost always wrap his arms around their shoulder.

He prefers cuddling in bed because it’s the most comfortable. 

He is ALWAYS the big spoon!

Though, one way to get him to loosen up after an argument is to hug HIM from behind. It throws him off but he secretly likes it.


His favorite place to kiss his s/o is their forehead.

He actually enjoys a series of pecks over tongue kissing. 

When he is tonging down his partner, he likes to firmly grip their waist or have a handful of their hair.

His kisses can range from slow and passionate to greedy yet steamy.

In a more intimate setting, Camus enjoys placing kisses down his lover’s back. Just watching their back arch as he places his lips against their warm skin turns him on.


After he gets used to the warmth, it can get a little difficult for him to sleep without his lover in his arms. (ex: If he’s on tour.)

He likes to sometimes rest his head on his lover’s chest so that they can play in his hair. It soothes him and can instantly put him to sleep.

He never hogs the covers because his lover’s comfort is more important than his own. Besides, the cold never bothered him anyway~

Wild Card

He turns into a big baby when he catches a cold. When he’s in a relationship, he will rely heavily on his s/o to take care of him… Leave it to him and he’ll swear he’s dying.

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(I made an Elsa joke in there somewhere. Good job if you spotted it.)