happy birthday my loveeee


But it’s weird because for as long as I’ve been making movies, I really don’t know a lot of the technical side. I mean, I’ve actively and consciously tried to avoid learning that stuff. I just want to be open and receptive to what’s happening in the moment, and I don’t want to force anything. Dishonesty is so ugly on film. You just act, and it’s so ugly, and I don’t want to do that. I mean, everything that they teach you when you’re a kid about acting is completely fucking wrong. They tell you to memorize your lines, follow your light, and hit your marks. Those are the three things that you shouldn’t do. You should not learn your lines, you should not hit your mark, and you should never follow your light. Find your light—that’s my opinion.

Happy 38th Birthday, Joaquin Phoenix!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CADEN/ timo-meier​(*^ワ^*)

Happy birthday to the sweetest, most genuine and caring friend in the world ! *3* i wish you all the best bb and i am beyond proud of you in every way! you are truly an amazing and inspiring person and i love you to death ;v;  ♥ i am so blessed to have met you and as much as i tell you this, chatting with you brings so much joy in my tiny little world ;u; you truly have a gift at making people feel special!!!  ♥ never change who you are because you are an incredible friend who can make anyone laugh! although we havent gotten the chance to talk to one another lately, i still consider you one of the greatest people ive ever met <333 i hope this year will be filled with exciting new adventures and i wish you success in anything you strive for! love you  ♥