happy birthday my love :)

Taylor @taylorswift

🎉🎉Happy Birthday🎉🎉

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Thank you for your music, which has honestly made my life so much brighter I honestly could not imagine walking to school without one of your SICK BEATS™️ accompanying me…

Thank you for bringing so many people into my life, @flyawayswift @noitsholly @seleniftie @taylorselenaswift @castlescrumbledovernight they make me smile so much, even if Its only one thing they say once a day it makes me smile. I love how many inside jokes I’ve been able to make bc of these people and that is thanks to you. ❤️

Thank you for being such an important role model, you’ve taught me to stay strong and ignore any of the negativity, you’ve taught me that I need to put the work in if I want something and that it’s okay if I’m not certain of everything yet.

I hope you have the best day because damn do you deserve it!! HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY SUGAR!!! LOVE YOUUUUU!

Lots a love Jenny xx


                                                 HAPPY CHANYEOL DAY!!!
To the sweetest, smolest, cutest, most caring boy with the biggest heart, i wish you only the best♡ You and your precious smile that shine brighter than the sun mean the world to me♡ Thank you for inspiring and motivating me to be a better person every day♡ Words can’t describe how much i love you♡ Thank you for all the happiness you’ve given me♡

                                                 Happy Birthday my love♡


ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ᴋɪᴍ ɴᴀᴍᴊᴏᴏɴ — 19940912
A man who is Nurturing, Appreciative, Mature, Joyous, Observant, Openminded & Noble deserves only the best. Happy birthday our leader ♡ Thank you for being the catalyst and the beginning of the world’s best team. Thank you for being a person who thinks deeply, who reminds us of the world’s beauty amongst its hideousness. Thank you for showing us what’s worth and for guiding us in the direction of your heart. Thank you for being a sturdy leader, an unwavering soul and an emotional companion who inspires the people around him to do better. We respect you a lot and have a million ‘thank yous’ to say that cannot be put into words :’) Happy birthday our leader. We love you ♡.


“Suho hyung is nice and smart. He’s a hyung who listens well to the members’ worries. When I look at Suho hyung, who’s always putting in effort, I get the thought that I need to work hard at everything I do.”

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happy 18th birthday, eva kviig mohn ♡ june 2nd, 1999

“what is this bullshit about what kind of person i am? maybe i am someone who gives up! i don’t know! why would you know what kind of person i am? everyone is like, ‘what kind of person are you? you have to know who you are!’ what a fucking cliche.”


Happy 34th Birthday, Felicity Rose Hadley Jones! (October 17, 1983)

My brother and I we didn’t have a VHS player, my family were kind of old-fashioned in the sense that, you know, we were sort of having to read and do things like that, but when you’re kind of six or seven it’s a little bit frustrating.