happy birthday my flawless queen


“I remember the first time I saw Cate I was 13 years old and I went to the local movie theater to see ‘Elizabeth’. I remember when she came on screen. I can remember the feeling that washed over me seeing her with her piercingly blue eyes and her alabaster skin. Her ethereal grace and magnetism taking over the screen even in her silence, even in her stare. And from that day on, I remember following her and watching her, being seduced over and over with each performance. Each and every character distinct, wildly different from the next. I never knew what to expect from her. I could never predict a line or a feeling. I would go looking for Cate Blanchett but Cate Blanchett was never there. It was always someone else, someone new I had never seen before”—Rooney Mara

Happy 48th Birthday, Cate! (May 14th, 1969)


Happy eunji b-day! ♥

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