happy birthday my favourite dancing queen

Cute captions under you and Tom’s instagram pictures Part 2

⚪I love Tessa more than I love him ( Picture of you and Tessa cuddling as Tom watch you with jealous eyes

⚫She loves puppies more than me ( Picture of you and Tessa)  

⚫” If I was your boyfriend” oh wait I am ( Video of Tom and singing to Bieber’s Boyfriend and the two of you laughing as Tom says “ wait I am”)  

⚪”Dancing Queen” ( short video of Tom dancing)  

⚫ “She’s the clever one in this relationship” ( picture of you on your computer with study books next to you)  

⚫ Meet my favourite designer here ! #graduate #proud

⚪Thank you for sticking with me when I am the most annoying #loveyou #bestfriendandboyfriend ( picture of you hugging Tom at your graduation)  

⚪Stole your mate, sorry Haz. ( picture of you and Tom in New York)  

⚫ Best summer holiday with the little one ( picture of you two in the Brooklyn Park)

⚫Happy Birthday to this little nut ! Sorry I ate your cookie ! ( picture of Tom kissing your cheek)  

⚪When your lover is a Gemini too and your birthdays are in the same week = birthWeek #stayinginbedforaweek #nojoke ( picture of you and Tom cuddling in bed)  

⚪Feet fight ( video of you and Tom feet fighting)  

⚫ She’s actually pretty good.. ( picture of you playing football/soccer with Harrison and Harry)  

⚫ So sad to say goodbye to this face, picture courtesy of mum ( picture of you two hugging at the airport)  

⚪Missing this sweatpea loads (picture of Tom in your glasses)

⚫ Throwback #shedidNOTwin (picture of you, Harrison and Tom playing Video games)

⚪Found this at the store, should I buy it ? ( picture of a magazine with Tom on the front cover)  

⚫ Reunited at last ( picture of you and Tom posing in front of his trailer)  

⚫ Found yourself a girl who can do both #mygirl #backoff ( edit of you and Tom being serious then making silly faces)  

⚪Quick shoutout to this handsome man. Get you someone who remembers you have allergies. #Bestboyfriend ( picture of Tom holding grocery bags)  

⚪Winner of best hugs right here. (video of you and Tom, where tom is literally laying on top of you, his face buried in your neck)  

⚫ Love you more than words (picture of you cooking.)

⚫ Why is she so perfect ! ( video of you playing the guitar and singing Give me love by Ed Sheeran)  

⚪Teaching the kiddo the guitar #harderthanitlookslike ( picture of you teaching tom how to play the guitar)