happy birthday my bb!



Ah!!!! It’s your birthday, Anna Banana annasrps!!!! You better be out and about, having a great day. Although you’re six hours behind me so it’s like seven in the morning right now. But people turn up at seven in the morning, I’m sure. It’s Hawaii, why wouldn’t they. Anyways, have a mimosa or three and then go have a great day. We only turn 22 once ~insert the cheese fest that is 22 by Taylor Swift here~ And unfortunately, Jurassic World isn’t a real thing but if it were, we would have gone and turnt up with the velociraptors but you know drunk people are about the same thing.

So continue to be amazing and you know I love you. And bleh, I was I was in Hawaii to live it up with you (and then we could have just have joint b-day celebrations but deep sighs) HAVE FUN!!!!!!