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“Dere?” Dex called. Nursey jolted up from where he’d nearly fallen asleep at his desk.

“Mm?” he mumbled sleepily.

“I think it’s time for bed.” Dex whispered, “It’s pretty late”

“No…I need to finish this first” Nursey said, gesturing to his laptop.

“You need to sleep babe. You’re poem doesn’t even make sense anymore.” Dex laughed. “It’s full of typos.”

“Is not” Nursey argued, as he reread what he’d written.

“S-u-n-g-h-o-n-e?” Dex spelled out curiously.

“I meant sunshine.” Nursey explained.

“Mmhm.  Bedtime Dere.” Dex laughed, saving his poem for him, before shutting down his laptop, and getting ready for bed.


“Good morning babe”

“Hm? Oh, ‘morning Dere” Dex said sleepily rubbing his eyes.  “What’s all this?” he asked, looking at the tray Nursey was carrying.

“Just breakfast in bed. Thought you might like a smoothie.” Nursey explained with a smile.  He set down the tray on their nightstand, and got back under the covers with Dex.

“Ugh your feet are cold!” Dex complained, laughing as he pushed his legs away jokingly.

“Hey don’t push me out of bed!  I made you your favourite breakfast!” Nursey protested, putting his feet between Dex’s legs to warm them up.

“Blueberry smoothie?” Dex asked as he sat up in bed.

“And muffins” Nursey said, moving the tray onto the bed.

“You’re the best Dere.” Dex said, taking a muffin.

“Mm, you can say that again.” Nursey laughed.


Can’t say that I’m completely satisfied with this, but I ran out of time completely and would probably not do more about it anyway, so yeah, it is what it is. 

(And no, I haven’t gotten that far in my kanji learning that I actually know how to spell Yuugi, I’ve just learned it because reasons)

(Should practice more on my handwriting, it’s quite terrible)

Handsome Stranger

Word Count: 3.4k

Warnings: A little embarrassment, making a fool of yourself. Honestly, you might die from the fluff.

Summary: @cumberbucky’s request: My birthday is coming up in exactly three weeks and if you can this could be my birthday gift. I want Bucky to fall in love with a teacher. Just a regular girl who doesn’t live at the Avenger’s tower. Like me.

A/N: Everyone go wish Sin a happy birthday!! She is the most wonderful person, and I love her very much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY SWEET LITTLE MUFFIN!! ENJOY YOUR FIRST DAY OF 23! *wink* I hope you like this, sweetheart! I enjoyed writing this so much!!

And also, thanks to @lovelylittleraindrop for letting me use her real life experiences for this fic!

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Oh, God, if it wasn’t absolutely necessary, you wouldn’t even be here right now, you think as you roll into the grocery store in a hoodie, leggings, and your hair in a messy bun on top of your head – and not the cute kind of messy bun. Yep. That’s your life today. Your fridge and pantry were practically bare. So, you thought that now’s a good time as any to go grocery shopping.

You grab a basket and get started. Humming your favorite song under your breath, you head to the fresh produce, choosing your fruit. Suddenly, your phone fwips and you fish it out of the front pocket of your hoodie. It’s a message from one of your amazing internet friends and you chuckle at the gif she’s sent you. You start typing out a message as you blindly reach for a plum, and feel a hand close on top of yours.

Startled, you jump back and look towards the owner of the hand, apologies spilling from your mouth. In your effort to put space between yourself and him, you practically fall into a cart behind you; but a pair of hands wrap around your arms and prevent you falling to the ground.

“You alright, there, doll?”

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