happy birthday moonie

In honour of Minnie’s birthday
  • She taught 3 generations of Potters as far as we know, that alone requires some kind of strength
  • She’s one of the most badass women I know
  • She loved Marauders to bits, tough love included
  • She felt closest to Sirius. She never had children, Sirius never had a family until he was 16 years old, they kind of completed each other.
  • Sirius never forgot how she looked out for him, even though he acted all cool, Minnie please, he appreciated her. He never got the chance to tell her that.
  • She knew Remus’ condition, never changed how she looked at the brilliantly genius but damaged boy. It wasn’t his fault.
  • She saw the wit Peter had when no one else did, she felt protective of the little boy.
  • She may or may not have helped the boys become animagi. She’ll deny that to anyone who asks.
  • Minerva never forgot when she heard the news. She didn’t believe Sirius would sell James and Lily. I know Black, he’d never– Dumbledore however was convinced, she never stopped doubting.
  • She wanted to see Sirius before he was put in Azkaban, request denied.
  • She helped Remus with the funeral, she was his anchor.
  • She tried to keep an eye on Remus as much as she could on full moons.
  • She lost a part of her soul during the First Wizarding War, never recovered from that.
  • She was one of the few people that could say no to Dumbledore
  • She tried to stop him from giving Harry to Dursleys, I’m prepared to bet my life that she would have raised him as her own
  • She almost fainted when she saw Harry for the first time in Hogwarts. He was an exact copy of James Potter, well except for the eyes, he had Lily’s eyes.
  • Her eyes welled up when Harry was put in Gryffindor, James would have been proud
  • Don’t get me wrong Minerva didn’t cry too often, she just drifted away when it came to her Marauders
  • When Fred Weasley was killed, she felt like there was nothing left inside of her. No one touched her students, but yet again they did.
  • When she saw Remus lying on the floor right next to Tonks, she fell on her knees and whispered “Tell them I miss them Mr. Lupin, give them a hug for me” No one heard.
  • She was the first to scream when Hagrid came back with Harry’s body. No, no, not again, please no.
  • She was the first to reach to her wand to fight, when there was nothing left to do.
  • Because she was a fighter, that was what she did best.
  • Funeral after funeral, each one was harder than the other and she never stopped loving and fighting.
  • She loved and she fought. Hard.
  • Happy birthday Minerva, you brave and beautiful woman.
apostasy - first fragment

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOONIE! I’ve written notes on the AO3 upload of this, so I won’t repeat them here, but happy birthday and I hope you have the best day!!!! ♥

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The lives of those who work in the police force aren’t particularly stimulating.

Regular patrols. Missing person cases without any deeper motives. The occasional murder.

Where other cities are alive and bustling at night, this city is dead.

It had always been–

–until the day they arrived.

Kuroko Tetsuya: a twenty-four year old with light, celeste-hued locks and dark cobalt-eyes, working as one of the top detectives in the police force. He is twenty-one when he finally completes his courses at the Metropolitan Police Academy in Tokyo. He is twenty-two and a half when he becomes world-renowned as the “phantom detective”.

It is one year later when he gets sent to a different location in Japan, a city long abandoned and inhabited by those who claw their way through blood and grime, doing everything they can if only with the hopes of escaping someday. It is a sea of illicit drugs, crime and black lies that he swims through.

He is not looking to save these people, as much as he had argued with his superiors. This place is far too corrupted and his hands are far too clean, they had drilled into his head before giving him the job. You’re the only one who can do it, they had said. The Phantom is a man unknown by both name and appearance.

Scuffed, leather soles tracking up dirt, Tetsuya tilts his rusty hat up to get a better view of the city before him.

All he sees is blight.

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43. We’re not allowed to throw a surprise birthday party during class for Remus. Especially when it’s not even his birthday.

I will admit. I was surprised. - RL

No one appreciates true friendship anymore. - JP

The balloons … The streamers … the live band … the Merlin Impersonator … It truly was a masterpiece. - SB

I like our mandatory gift giving rule. Seeing people scramble to find a gift was hilarious. And you got some pretty good stuff too. - PP

It was the best non-birthday I have ever had. - RL

apostasy - second fragment


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Inside it is a small compartment–

–but before it even opens, Tetsuya knows what is inside.

He had realised the very moment that the concrete moved–

–after all, it is nearly impossible to hide the scent of a rotting corpse…


…Even if it is just a head.


He wants to scream. He wants to scream more than anything. Falling back, hard, onto his behind, Tetsuya’s gloved fingers dig into the concrete behind his body painfully.

He can’t feel a thing.

He wants to scream.

Shaking, Tetsuya brings his hands up to cover his mouth, if only to seal it. He lets out a strangled noise in his throat, and tries hard to swallow.

It isn’t the first time that he’s seen something like this. If anything, Daiki’s brought back mangled corpses that looked much worse than this one.


There’s something different about this head. It has mahogany-hued locks that frame it almost pristinely. Its eye sockets have been cleaned, almost meticulously, where the eyes have been ripped out. The mouth is agape, the cheeks are sunken, and there are a few cuts across them that have, also, been cleaned. There is a gash beneath the bottom right cheek, along the jaw. There is no longer any blood leaking from it, as if it has all been drained. Similarly, the sever has been done in a spotless, precise manner: it’s as if there wasn’t a neck nor body to begin with.

It is jarring, even more so with how real it seems. How alive it looks.

With his palms pressed tightly one on top of the other, pushing back against his lips, Tetsuya’s eyes are wide as he forces himself to lean in.

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Sirius Black Birthday Headcanons
  • Every year on his birthday, he would pretend to forget so that Regulus could remind him, because he knew how much his little brother loved to do that.
  • In his first year of Hogwarts, out of habit he didn’t mention it to anyone, but Regulus wasn’t there to remind him. James found out when he walked in on Sirius in their dorm staring longingly at an old family photo, and then was so mad at himself for not getting Sirius anything that the next day he snuck out to Hogsmeade and bought Sirius one of every single thing in Honeydukes to make up for it.
  • He buys himself a really nice present every year (this tradition definitely didn’t originate when his parents stopped sending him any)
  • He always writes thank you notes to everyone because it was ingrained in him from birth, but he hates how impersonal they feel, and so he hand delivers them to everyone he can instead of sending them by owl, as is tradition.
  • He was born really early in the morning, around 3 AM, and every year he stays up until 3 to watch the clock turn and eat a chocolate cupcake in his own honour. Starting in his second year at Hogwarts, Remus, James, and Peter all do this with him.
  • His 14th birthday was also their first ever Hogsmeade weekend. As a birthday gift to himself he forged his father’s signature on the permission form so he could go out into the village with his friends, because his father refused to sign the form for him. McGonagall suspected, but she didn’t say anything because she felt he deserved to be given this privilege.
  • Growing up in the Black household, birthdays were treated as almost sacred, with the entire day being given over to the birthday person to do whatever they wished, and to be treated like a prince or princess. 
  • At school, Sirius always gave himself a day off from all his work on his birthday in an attempt to continue the birthday tradition of his family. This usually involved skipping classes and lounging about eating sweets by himself, or with his friends once they caught on and went with him.
  • He also treats the birthdays of his friends as sacred days, making sure everything is right for them on their special days and throwing fits if it isn’t perfect.
  • Every year, Remus has the house elves bake him a spectacular cake in the shape of whatever symbol best represents him at the time (second year it was a bludger, fifth year it was a huge black dog, etc), and every year Sirius pretends to be surprised (Remus always pretends to be fooled for Sirius’ sake, but he really just thinks it’s adorable).
  • I refuse to end this list with any speculation about what his 22nd birthday was like, or even to mention that it took place right when he got thrown into Azkaban, three days after losing his best friend in the entire world.
  • I also refuse to end this list with any thoughts regarding how Remus spent all the 3 Novembers between when Sirius was imprisoned and when he found out he was innocent.
  • Finally, I refuse to think about how heartbroken both of them must have been on 3 November 1993, when Sirius was living in the Shrieking Shack just after having attempted to break in to Gryffindor tower and redeem himself, and Remus had just spent another lonely full moon by himself.