happy birthday martina!

Happy Birthday Martina Arroyo! (born February 2, 1937)

American operatic soprano.

Portrait of soprano Martina Arroyo. Printed on front: “Robert C. Ragsdale, f.r.p.s.” Stamped on back: “Robert C. Ragsdale Limited, photography. 21 Avenue Road, Toronto, M5R 2G1, (416) 967-3326. Please credit Robert C. Ragsdale, F.R.P.S.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

Happy birthday, Martina Arroyo!

Martina Arroyo (born February 2, 1937), is an American operatic soprano who had a major international opera career from the 1960s through the 1980s. She was part of the first generation of black opera singers to achieve wide success, and is viewed as part of an instrumental group of performers who helped break down the barriers of racial prejudice in the opera world.

Arroyo first rose to prominence at the Zurich Opera between 1963–1965, after which she was one of the Metropolitan Opera’s leading sopranos between 1965 and 1978. During her years at the Metropolitan Opera, she was also a regular presence at the world’s best opera houses, performing on the stages of La Scala, Covent Garden, the Opéra National de Paris, the Teatro Colón, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Vienna State Opera, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, and the San Francisco Opera, to name just a few. She is best known for her performances of the Italian spinto repertoire, and in particular, her portrayals of Verdi and Puccini heroines. Her last opera performance was in 1991, after which she has devoted her time to teaching singing on the faculties of various universities in the United States and Europe.

On December 8, 2013, Arroyo received a Kennedy Center Honor.

Arroyo was born in New York City, the younger of two children of Demetrio Arroyo, originally from Puerto Rico, and Lucille Washington, a native of Charleston, South Carolina. Her older brother grew up to become a Baptist minister. The family lived in Harlem near St. Nicholas Avenue and 111th Street. Demetrio was a mechanical engineer at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and earned a good salary which enabled Arroyo’s mother to stay at home with their children. His job also allowed the family to experience New York’s fine cultural offerings and the family frequented museums, concerts, and the theatre. It was attending several performances of Broadway shows during the 1940s that first inspired Arroyo’s interest in becoming a performer. Her mother humored her dreams and allowed Arroyo to take ballet classes. Her mother was also a talented amateur classical pianist and taught her daughter to play the instrument. Arroyo’s other musical experiences as a child were largely through singing in the choirs at her Baptist church and as a student at Hunter College High School.

After finishing high school in 1953, Arroyo attended Hunter College where she earned a B.A. in Romance languages in 1956 at the young age of nineteen. While there she studied voice as a hobby in an opera workshop with Joseph Turnau. Turnau recognized that Martina was a major talent who just needed proper training. After the workshop ended, he introduced her to voice instructor Marinka Gurewich, who immediately took Arroyo on as a student. When Arroyo did not take her training as seriously as her teacher wanted, Gurewich eventually threatened to end their lessons. Arroyo said of the incident, “It was a real wake-up call. Up to then, I must have been, in my mind, treating singing as a hobby, a lark–something I loved that I was dabbling in.” She further explained that at that point most of the major opera houses, including the Metropolitan Opera, had never cast a black singer, so in her mind “opera wasn’t a real possibility.” Gurewich’s threat, however, forced her to take her studies more seriously and she continued to study with her until Gurewich’s death in 1990. Another important partnership formed around this time was with concert manager Thea Dispeker who, after attending one of Arroyo’s recitals, offered her services at no charge until Arroyo’s career took off. Dispeker helped manage much of Arroyo’s career over the next several decades.

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Pairing: NaLu.
AU: Artist/Model.
Dedication: lucysenpaii.

A/N: I’m pretty sure it’s midnight there, right? Making it May 3rd! Happy Birthday Martina! I hope you have a wonderful day. <3

;Loving him is like trying to change your mind once you’re already flying through the free fall. Like the colours in autumn, so bright just before they lose it all.

“Y-you want me to what?” 

Natsu assessed every inch of her frame as he began preparing his paints. She watched him fill the pallets and prepare colours he thought ‘suitable’ for her skin tone, her eyes, her hair. She felt naked.

An ironic sentiment, really.

“Strip,” he raised his thumb and gestured to the bed, “And sit over there.”

“T-this is what you meant by ‘modelling’?!” she squeaked.

“You don’t want to be my model?” he blinked, seemingly confused as to why she’d feel shy about taking off her clothes. 

She should have known – he wasn’t interested in seeing her body; not even a little. He was only interested in his art. It was strange, really, that he’d asked her to be his model in the first place. He’d said it was urgent, though. That his muse was drifting. That she was his inspiration. She’d fallen for those words more than once, but never before had he requested she model. That’s not to say he hadn’t drawn her before. He had. But he’d always been watching from afar, observing in the quiet – when he wasn’t arguing with Gray or making a mess of the school grounds with chalk. Salamander, they called him. That was his signature. 

“You don’t have to take everything off,” he told her then. “Just your clothes.”

Her face was burning. “Do I have to?”

“No, I guess not,” he shrugged. “I can just imagine it, in my head.”

Lucy threw both arms up in defeat. “T-that’s no better.”

Natsu searched the room for a moment, his eyes wandering the mess he liked to call ‘comfortable living’. She’d stumbled over more items than she could count walking down the hall to his bedroom.

“You can hold something,” he explained, “Something to cover yourself a little, if you want. Don’t worry, Luce. I know you’ve gained a few pounds but I won’t make you look fat.”

She threw her coat at him first, frustration and embarrassment painting her features. He let out a laugh to show her he was joking, but the thump of her heart would not cease its painful rhythm. 

“Fine,” she turned to unbutton her shirt first. “But don’t look until I’m ready.”

“I promise.”

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Just a quick birthday shoutout to Martina from EatYourKimchi! ^^ You guys have gotten me into many kpop groups, made me laugh and create inside jokes with my friends, (batoost and bilasa are our favs) and have overall made internet life so much more entertaining. Thanks and Happy Birthday Martina! :D



There’s entertainers that come and go, and there’s people good at this or good at that. But a guy like Dean Martin, there’s nobody cooler. — Kevin Spacey

He’s got one of the greatest, most recognizable and smooth voices of all time. I’m not gonna lie. I’d love to be Dean Martin. When you hear Dean Martin, he gives you a feeling. It’s a special gift. — Scotty Morris 

There is that undeniable force that you can’t put a name on— Robbie Williams 

When he sings, you believe it. He had a great personality that just came across and made you feel like you knew him. — Martina McBride 

He was the most underrated, brilliant performer in 100 years of our business. And it just gave me the greatest joy in my heart to see that he showed them all. — Jerry Lewis

He was the coolest dude I’d ever seen, period… He wasn’t just great at everything he did. To me, he was perfect. — Stevie Van Zandt

Happy Birthday Martina!

Hello my precious baby~ Happy 21st birthday  ^.^ I really hope you like this Sousuke I drew for you. I was honestly drowning in self-doubt for the entire time I worked on this and whoever says cell-shading is easy is crazy because omg how.  but I really wanted to try and I was so excited to show you this that I wished your birthday would come sooner! I hope you have the most wonderful, happy, awesome day…no, year because you deserve it along with many other great things. Even though we can’t see each other right now, I’ll patiently wait for you to come home <33 Happy birthday and be as selfish as you want today. I love you so much! Love, Charlie~


Today, March 21, for some it’s a normal Saturday, signifying the end of the work week and the beginning of long-awaited weekend, but for Tinistas, it’s a special day when their beloved idol becomes one year older.

Today marks 18 years, Martina Stoessel what we, in fact, congratulations!

On this day, first of all, we wish her health, happiness, success, fulfillment of all plans and desires, because she deserves it. We wish Martina to remain the same bright, cheerful and unusual, and, of course, careers, and more new projects, photo shoots and appearances!