happy birthday marshall!



N : “ you gonna sing happy birthday for me, marshal ? ”
C : “ it wouldn’t be very badass, i assure you. “

dedicated to @siberion!!  for reminding me & always being the coolest noct to my cor around ! ♥ 

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Happy birthday Herbert Marshall! (May 23rd, 1890 – January 22nd, 1966).


Happy birthday to you, Marshall. You mean so much to me, I love you so much ffs, I don’t know what would happen to me if i didn’t have you. I wish I could meet you someday. You’re the coolest person ever and a big inspiration to many of us. You taught me to never give up and to believe in myself. Also to give zero fucks about people tryna put me down. I want you to know that I appreciate you and your hard work. I don’t wanna continue writing more shit bc Imma end up crying if i do. I love you and wish you to live happily forever. Thank you so fucking much, Marshall.

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