happy birthday madonna

 54 years.

. Almost 30 years of career.

. More than 300 millions records sold WorldWide.

8 #1 albums on USA.

12 #1 singles on USA.

7 Grammy Awards.

20 MTV Video Music Awards.

Most successful female artist of all time.

Most successful tour from an solo artist of all time.

Mothersingeractresswriterdancer, producer.


Happy Birthday Madonna! Queen of Pop.

“I feel that she has constantly conveyed a message of empowerment to women - that women don’t have to seek approval before doing something, that they can be bold and brave and fulfill their potential - and that’s very inspiring. She has also been vocal in her support of gay politics and latterly, has become involved in the fight against global poverty. In pop culture terms, she has been hugely influential - very few pop artists are so determined and outspoken.” - Lucy O'Brien