happy birthday machete

today, machete is one-year-old…today is machete’s birthday…can you even believe it? i cannot. cannot. not prepared for how fast this little pup grew up, is growing up. 

while we haven’t quite yet had him a full year, and some days it feels like we’ve had him forever while others it feels like we’ve barely had him 5 minutes.  and it’s been the absolute best ever, in the world. look at this little muffin, and his little face. i cannot imagine what my life would be without him. hell, i don’t want to.  and while it was super awesome having a cuddly little corg-muffin puppy, watching him grow up has been amazing and the older machete gets the more awesome he gets. we can take him more places, he’s a lot more active, he’s so damn smart, and he really has a great little personality now.  it’s not so much naps and fraps, but he’s really a member of our family.

and it’s fantastic.

here’s to one year of corg snorgs and many, many more to come!


A Year of Machete…