happy birthday luna~

february 13th

luna lovegood spends her sixth birthday gleefully opening presents, baking beetroot cake with her mother, going beast-sighting with her father, and at the end of a long day, snuggling into bed, tucked in with loving hugs all around

luna lovegood spends her ninth birthday in a silent home, her father grim-faced and mute, wishing her mother were there to make funny faces and pretty pastries and give lots of kisses and hugs as luna struggles to reach the sugar 

luna lovegood spends her twelfth birthday searching hogwarts for the pendant she received from her mother on her eighth birthday, writing a forcedly cheerful letter to her father, and silently sitting alone in the ravenclaw common room watching the fire slowly die to embers

luna lovegood spends her seventeenth birthday huddled in the malfoy dungeon, thinking of her worried father alone at home, speaking in low voices with griphook and dean and mr. ollivander, her mind imagining the blinding february sunshine glinting off the snow outside at that very moment

luna lovegood spends her twenty-first birthday at the leaky cauldron surrounded by friends friends friends, giggling at ginny’s joke, her mother’s pendant nestled warm against her chest as a homemade beetroot cake is brought out to choruses of “happy birthday,” marveling at the love and wonder and care that fills her life and soul


just some sassy vic moments // happy birthday to the hard-working, kind and lovely leader. Who is willing to do anything for her members. Her work ethic and dedication to her career is unparalleled. Even though she may be worn down from her activities she never lets it show and finishes every performance full of energy. To our leader who has been through so much and who is still with f(x) thank you Song Qian! ~ 

Cutting Wit

Right this second James Potter is sitting around a very crowded table. Remus and Sirius have just brought out a massive cake that Lily Luna may of may not have already licked some icing off. Lily and Ginny and clearing away the empty pizza boxes to make space for the enormous thing. Harry is sitting with his father and Albus arguing over who has messier hair whilst James Sirius and Teddy grab booby-trapped plates for everyone to eat off.

The whole family has got together to celebrate James’ 57th birthday. He’s never been happier.

All is well.