happy birthday lovie!


@lukeybabe26 Happy birthday lovie!

You awoke up to the jokt of excitement. It’s you birthday today.

You turned to your side, slightly frowning that Luke wasn’t there.

‘Maybe he’s downstairs?’ You thought to yourself, unraveling yourself from the covers, trudging along the cold floor.

You were about to open the door, but only to stop yourself once you’ve heard familiar voices from outside.

“Shut the fuck up!” You heard Luke hiss, followed by what you thought was a smack towards one of the members.

“She could wake up anytime!” Calum retorted, followed by the sound of crinkling paper bags.

“Stop making it obvious by whispering.” Michael said in a normal tone, making the other three groan in frustration.

“How are we gonna supposed to keep it her from then?” Ashton whispered.

“Shut up!” Luke snapped, composing himself, making the boys do as told.

“On three, okay? One.” Luke started off.

“Two.” By that, you clutched the doorknob.

“Th-…” You interrupted, swinging the door open with the biggest grin plastered on your face.

“Happy birthday?” Luke uneasily greeted, confused until a pang of realization hit them.

“Happy birthday!” They cheered, singing along as they almost shoved a cake towards your face, making you blow the candles as they gave you the gifts one by one.

“It was supposed to be a surprise.” He shyly mumbled under his breath, scratching the back of his neck.

“Surprise?” You giggled, pecking him in the lips.

Lady of...

Happy Birthday my lovie.

(How many lines in until you KNEW? Be honest. ;)


Peeta knew it was her, even from fifty feet away. Even with her back to him. She held her spine steel straight, the slope and ridge of it along with the dusk of her skin visible through the soaked cotton of her dress and shift. He would know that fall of heavy hair anywhere. The black of it an ink midnight spill coming apart over her shoulder down to her hip. The single braid she now wore instead of the two that taunted his fingers on the day they met. The day he was so desperate to meet her, that he did everything wrong and became her enemy.

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