happy birthday love~


                                                 HAPPY CHANYEOL DAY!!!
To the sweetest, smolest, cutest, most caring boy with the biggest heart, i wish you only the best♡ You and your precious smile that shine brighter than the sun mean the world to me♡ Thank you for inspiring and motivating me to be a better person every day♡ Words can’t describe how much i love you♡ Thank you for all the happiness you’ve given me♡

                                                 Happy Birthday my love♡


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I want to wish @carlinvauses HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It is your special day today and I truly hope you will have a wonderful time. I am sure your family and friends will take care of you and make you insanely happy! 

I myself want to wish you endless joy of playing the game, infinite imagination and lots of ideas not only with the sims but in every aspect of your life. I hope you will always be proud of who you are and what you create, because you are a wonderful human being and you deserve to wear a huge smile on your face.

Happy birthday!

Everyone, go wish her happy birthday. Flood her with love! :D 

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Happy Birthday Chanyeol-ah~ 171127 | Reasons to love Park Chanyeol ❤


My contribution to the Sheithy @vldexchange for Keith’s birthday! @wolviecat requested “Something on earth after the end of Voltron”. 

Edited to add closeup of soft soft space boys