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Summary: The need to go, to be anywhere but here, was a buzz under her skin that kept her going when she should be exhausted and kept her up when she should be sleeping. Jumping through the Void repeatedly was preferable to giving in to the one inside of her chest.

Characters: Rose Tyler (implied Doctor/Rose)

Word Count: 1191 || Rating: All Ages

Notes: For the lovely and incredible Jess ( @sequencefairy ) on the occasion of her birth. Love you bunches Jess and I hope this is the Dimension Hopping!Rose vibe you were looking for! (Also @skyler10fic made art for this!) Happy Birthday Jess!!


Rose fingers tapped against the tabletop in an unsteady rhythm as a group of executives droned on about the cost of the dimension cannon project.

“This is eating up half of our operations budget and we’re not getting any results. Maybe it’s time to scale it back or shelve it all together,” some Italian-suited and over-confident man said.

Rose turned her glare on him and broke the silence she’d held throughout the meeting. “The universe is collapsing around us and you’re talking about giving up on saving it just to save some money.” She stood and had to hold in a laugh when half the people in the room scrambled to their feet as well. “See how well your money serves you when we all blink out of existence in a single terrifyingly painful moment because you decided to sit on your hands instead of spend a few quid to try and save the whole of existence.”

She left the conference room before anyone could figure out what to say in response and headed straight for the lab. She should have been there an hour ago instead of listening to idiots talk about things they knew nothing about. Her fingers continued their tuneless dance against her thigh as she walked.

The need to go, to be anywhere but here, was a buzz under her skin that kept her going when she should be exhausted and kept her up when she should be sleeping.

She had to keep moving, to keep doing, or she would drown in the void inside of herself. The dimension cannon project had pulled her out of head once and she would be damned if someone took it away.

“Marcus, is it ready to go?” Rose asked as she walked into the lab, already shedding her blazer to don the blue leather coat she’d taken to wearing on her jumps.

“Should be. Did we get the greenlight to keep going?”

“Yes,” she lied. She had no clue how they’d voted after she walked out but she didn’t care.

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