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Today in Japan, it is April 12th and Kondou Shouri’s (Kuroo Tetsurou) birthday~!!!

Happy 23rd birthday to the Nekoma Captain!

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A Teru piece for @marirosmo‘s birthday!! 💛

Gryffindor!Jackson || Hogwarts AU

A.N. I asked you guys to vote on what you wanted to read so the most voted was Hogwarts AU so the first post will be about Jackson since it’s his birthday today! Hope you enjoy

Read where I put the members & my explanation

Gryffindor!Jackson || Hufflepuff!Yugyeom || Hufflepuff!Youngjae || Ravenclaw!Mark || Ravenclaw!Jinyoung || Slytherin!Bambam || Slytherin!JB ||

  • House: Gryfiindor
  • Sixth Year
  • Chaser on the Quidditch team but doesn’t play as much anymore because of the incident that happened.
    • He fell off his broom, luckily the another team mate caught him before he fell on the ground but he didn’t stop screaming, and than threw up three times on the field.
  • He became one of the popular kids in school not because of the incident but because he blew up the potions classroom
  • Yeah Jackson gets decent grades in school not the best but decent enough for the teachers not to worry about him
  • After receiving 2 months of detention for blowing up the classroom he vowed he would do his best not to get in trouble ever again.
  • That’s because Jackson met a certain person aka you!!
  • You’re in the same house and the same year. 
  • The both of you didn’t talk much about really, “hi’s” and “bye’s” most of the time and if you have the same class it would “what was the homework again?” 
  • But when the incident happened you were sitting right next to Jackson.
  • Everyone took cover and since you were right next to him, he shielded you so you wouldn’t get hurt 
  • You looked at him in disgust cause you wanted him off
  • He looked at you and that’s when the classic romantic movie moment happened. That’s when he fell in love with you..
  • And right after that you punched him in the face to get off of you.
  • Since then he did anything to get to know you.
  • He ask your mutual friends to introduce you to each other
  • That’s when you apologize for punching him in the face
  • That’s how you became friends
  • When the two of you go to Hogsmeade, the first shop would be Zonko’s Joke Shop and after entering a majority of the popular store you left because it kept getting crowded 
  • The both of you walked the direction towards the Shrieking Shack 
  • “Hey Jackson I dare you to go inside the shack.”
  • “Fine, y/n I’ll do it.”
  • He wasn’t scared, only slightly scared
  • He almost made it to the shack as well but he heard banging from the outside and went running back to you while screaming in a hight pitch tone.
  • “Y/N!!! Guess who got a a perfect score on their Potions test?”
  • “Let me guess… After blowing up the classroom and having our professor scream at you and threatened that if you didn’t get a perfect score on the next exam, he would tell your parents about everything that’s happened at school so my guess is you.”
  • He’ll always saves a spot for you in the dining hall
  • Makes sure you’re doing well in classes, eating all your meals, plus getting in a small walk each day.
  • Plus he’ll offer to walk with you each day.
  • Won’t ask you out until he knows you have feelings back 
  • Which means your about to confess but he runs away because he now knows how you feel
  • Try to do something cute to ask you out problem includes flying 
  • Even though he still gets scared he’ll prove that he’s brave to you and never ever lol pun need someone else to protect you
  • Makes sure that he has the Head Boy on board with what he’s going to do so he wont get in trouble again
  • Has all of your friends from every house and his friends there because they are finally glad you both are about to date cause y’all wouldn’t shut up about each other.
  • They all were tempted to but some sort of spell on the both of you to shut up but they didn’t cause this was cute
  • Brags to everyone including teachers how amazing you are.
  • Man he’s completely head over heels for you. 
  • It’s magical lol another pun

Today in Japan, it is April 11th and Saitou Kenshin’s (Watari Shinji) birthday~!!!

Happy 21st birthday to the Aoba Johsai libero!

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“Aha what you doing down there, Jackie? Trying to be like your Papa?”

Baby Jack Zimmermann trying to be like his Papa and giving poor Uncle Mario’s leg the Bad Bob Treatment™. Alicia is mortified, Bob cannot stop laughing. 

For my friend @thateruditestranger-thatfucker for their birthday. Happy birthday, you loser! Have a baby thug. 💖

“Ah ah ah.  Do you know what tomorrow is?  
Yes!  My birthday!*
Since I’m looking forward to it, I always let people know.
I’ve been like that every year since elementary school.
Why do I tell everyone?
Because I want everyone to tell me happy birthday lol.

So I’ll be waiting for everyone’s congratulatory messages, okay!   ❤️”

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

*He writes “yes my birthday” in Katakana English.  

Tomorrow was your birthday. Jax and you hadn’t dated long so you weren’t sure he would even remember, but deep down you hoped he did. You didn’t have any family here. You moved for a job. You weren’t close to anyone in your family anyway. So you didn’t expect cards and presents being sent your way.
Getting up early you drove to the salon Gemma told you about and decided on getting a new look. You weren’t sure about trusting Gemma at first. I mean you were the women who started dating her son and spending time with his boys. To be honest she scared you a little. Wendy had told you to stick your ground with her or she would walk all over you, but the funny thing was you never had to. She told you one night over dinner while you two were cleaning up. That Jax and the boys hadn’t seemed this happy in a long time.
Telling the stylist that you wanted a new look you trusted her opinion and leaned back for a relaxing visit.

“I got everything planned for tomorrow night.” Gemma said walking into the clubhouse
“How is she suppose to know when to get here.” Lyla asked walking out of the back
“Jax is suppose to pick her up and bring her here. He’s going to pretend he has forgotten her birthday and they are just coming here to hang out.” Gemma said putting her purse on the bar.
“She’s going to be so pissed that he forgot.” Lyla said laughing
“He will make it up to her, but I have to go finish some paperwork. Meet me here tomorrow and we can get the others to help us to decorate.”
“Sounds good. See you tomorrow.”

Walking out of the salon you couldn’t believe how good you felt. She had done a great job on your hair. The sun was out and the highlights from your hair was brighter then ever. Taking out your phone you text Jax to see if he wanted to meet for lunch.

I’m done getting my hair cut. Want to meet for lunch?

Walking over to the little restaurant that was next to the salon. You walked into get a table. Even if Jax didn’t want to meet for lunch a girl still need to eat.

“How many?”
“I’m not sure. It may be me or could be around six.” You didn’t know if he would come alone or with someone of the guys
“I’ll give you a booth and we can move if needed.”
“That sounds great.” You said following her to the seat.

Y/N “Would love to but got some club business. Dinner tonight?”

Looking down at your phone with a smile then feeling it leave as you read the text.

Sounds good.

“My name is Stacy and I’ll be your waitress today? What can I get you to drink?” The prettiest women came up to take your order. You wanted to hate her but she was just to sweet.

“I’m going to get this to go. I don’t want to eat by myself.” You said ordering

“You don’t have to leave. We won’t kick you out.” She said smiling at you.

“I appreciate that Stacy but I’ll think I’ll head on home.”

“I’ll be right back with your order.”

While you waited for your food to come. You looked out the window getting lost in a day dream. It was a beautiful day out for February. It had been so raining a lot and to actually she the sun was a blessing. Your mind went to Jax and seeing him tonight. If the boys stayed at Gemma’s tonight then maybe Jax could stay at your place and then when you woke up you wouldn’t be alone on your birthday.

“Here’s you food and it’s on the house.” She said smiling at you.
“What? Really?”
“I always try to pay it forward and you seemed so sad. I really hopes this makes your day better.”
“Thank you.” Getting up you left her a tip on the table.
If only everyone was as nice as she was.

Walking outside and getting to your car. You had just unlocked the door when you looked up and couldn’t believe what you saw. Getting out of Wendy’s car was her and Jax. They were laughing and talking like he had no worries in the world. You watched as Jax opened the door for Wendy touching her lower back as she walked inside. All you saw was red. You couldn’t believe this. Throwing your food into the seat. You slammed the door getting in and pulled out. Between the tears and driving to fast you weren’t sure how you even got home.

“Why did you want me to come with you?” Wendy asked as you two walked into the store.
“Just wanted a women’s opinion.” He said walking over to the jewelry counter.
“I thought you could her name tattooed on you?”
“I did but want to get her something else. What do you think about this?” He said pointing to the locket.
“Mr. Teller we just finished the necklace. Would you like to see it?”
Taking the necklace from the man he opened it. On one side was engraved the day he asked you to be his old lady and the other side had both of your initials.
“Think she will like it?”
“When in the hell did you come so damn romantic Jax?” Wendy said taking the necklace from him.

Pulling into the drive way you just got more pissed at him and pissed at yourself for thinking he would be faithful. Maybe you didn’t fit in the whole mold of a bikers old lady but you thought he really liked you. You where in love with him and he thinks your stupid enough to cheat on. That’s when your phone started to ring.
“Babe what’s wrong?”
“Babe, I’m just peachy.”
Jax knew you were pissed but couldn’t figure out why.
“I’ll be over soon. Then we can get dinner.”
“That’s not a good idea. But why don’t you have dinner with Wendy.” With that you thru the phone.
He couldn’t figure out what you said that. He didn’t bother to think you had saw them. You weren’t even around there or where you.
Picking up the phone to call you again.
“Leave me alone Jax.” You said hanging up again and this time you threw your phone across the room.

Wanting this day to be over you went to take a shower. While you were taking a shower Jax showed up but you didn’t answer and he didn’t want to push it. Tomorrow was your surprise party and he would have to talk to you before then if possible. He wasn’t sure what it was about you that made him feel like this. He was a badass biker but you had him running around like a teenage boy. Knocking on the door again a little harder this time. Getting out of the shower and wrapping a towel around you. You hurried to the door. Looking thru the peep hole you saw Jax standing there.
“What the hell Jax. I said to leave me alone.”
“You’re upset and I don’t like that. What’s wrong?”
“Did you and Wendy have a good afternoon on club business?” You asked wanting to get sick thinking about it
“It’s not what you think?”
“Then why lie to me about anything?”
“Can we talk inside Y/N?” Jax said as he stood on your porch
“Not tonight. Go home Jax.” You said turning out the light
Sitting down on the floor with the towel still wrapped around you. You cried and when you heard his bike take off you cried even more. You weren’t sure how long you stayed there. You didn’t move till your heard you clock hit midnight.
“Happy Birthday loser.” You said softly
Getting up you walked into your bedroom and put on the first shirt you could fine. As soon as you slipped it over your head you could smell him on the shirt. Falling on the bed that you had shared so many nights together you cried yourself to sleep.

You could hear your phone ringing over and over again. Getting up and trying to remember where you threw it. You finally found it behind the plant in the corner of the room.
“Hey babe. I need a favor?” Gemma said
“Of course you do? What can I help you with?” You figured no one would remember your birthday so might as well stay busy.
“Can you come over and get the boys?”
“Why can’t Jax or Wendy get them?
“Jax is out with Chibs and Juice taking care of something and I don’t want Wendy’s help.”
“Sure Gemma I’ll be there soon.”
“Thanks doll.”

What the hell is wrong with me. I’m mad at Jax and then agree to spend time with the boys. I am so stupid and continue to ask for heartbreak. You thought to yourself as you pulled on some jeans and a t-shirt. Grabbing a jacket you headed over to the club.

“Okay everyone she should be here soon.” Gemma said turning toward everyone
Jax had his gift in his pocket. He would give it to you when the time was right. First he had to make sure you two were okay and explain why he lied to you.
Everyone was laughing and getting a bear when Tig walked in saying you just pulled up.
“Everyone hide.” Jax yelled over the noise
Getting out of your car. You locked the door then headed inside the club. Opening the door you thought you could hear people whispering but it was so dark you couldn’t see anything.
Not wanting to walk in on anyone in the middle of something you didn’t want to see you yelled.
“Surprise!!!” Everyone yelled
You screamed and held your chest.
“My God.”
“Happy Birthday babe.” Jax said coming up and hugging you.
“I can’t believe you guys remembered and did this.” You said hugging him back.
“If you could have seen your face.” Tig said coming up to you.
“Well I could hear whispering so I was worried what I was going to walk into.” You said laughing.
“Happy birthday princess.” Tig said moving Jax out of the way and giving you a hug.
“Thanks Tig.”
Walking more Into the club house you stopped to talk to everyone. People told you happy birthday and have you hugs. Gemma was the last to hug you as you walked over to the cake.
Sitting on the table was a three tier cake in Teal icing.
“Happy Birthday Babe.”
“This is so awesome. I love it.” You said hugging her
“You like the cake?”
“It’s beautiful.”

Jax watched you as he leaned on the bar drinking a beer. You looked over your shoulder and smiled at him. He smiled back then walked over to you.
“Mom we will be right back.” He said taking your hand
“Hurry back for we can have cake.”
“My mom seems to like you.” He said as you walked to his dorm
“I’m not sure if I should be scared or happy.” You said laughing.
He closed the door behind you and all of a sudden you got really nervous. You had forgotten for a moment that you were mad at him.
“Think maybe I can explain yesterday?”
“Yeah. I mean I’m here and everything.” You said smiling at him.
“You have a beautiful smile.” He said walking closer to you and touching the side of your face.
God you wanted to kiss him. One night with out him and you are acting like you haven’t had a glass of water for a week. Trying to get a grip you walked over and had a seat on the bed.
“I just needed her opinion on something. It was a gift for you. I got you two actually.” He said putting his cut on the chair then pulling off his shirt.
You started to say something when he turned around and you saw your name tattooed on his chest. Getting up you walked up to him and traced your finger across your name.
“I love you.” He had never said that to you before this day.
“I love you too.” You said leaning up and kissing the tattoo
Looking up at Jax. He kissed you with so much passion. Your knees started to feel numb. The feeling off wanting him was to much to handle. Putting your arms around his neck. He walked you to the bed. You felt your knees touch the bed and you fell back with him going with you. That’s when the box feel out of his jeans.
“What’s this?” You asked reaching for it.
“It’s your other gift?”
Moving from under him you opened the box. Not sure what was actually in the box.
“It’s beautiful.”
“Open it?”
Taking the necklace out of the box. You opened it and put a hand over your mouth.
“I didn’t know you where this romantic.” You said laughing while you cried
“Wendy asked the same thing when I showed her.” He said taking it from you and putting it on you.
Standing up and walking to the mirror you looked at the necklace. Seeing Jax in the mirror behind you. You took of your shirt still watching him. Then unhooking your bra. You moved to your pants. Turning around and only having your necklace on.
“How does it look on me?” You said walking over to him
Smiling at you he reached for your hand and pulled you on to the bed.
“It looks perfect..” he said getting up and taking off his pants and then climbing on the bed with you.
“I think we are both going to enjoy this birthday.” He said leaning down to kiss your neck.
Moaning as he kissed you.
“Let me thank you for the gifts.” You said with a smirk on your face
With that Jax was on the bed and pulling you on top of him.
“You’re in control babe.” He said holding on to your waist
“I think I like my birthday again.” You said kissing him again.


Tanaka’s Birthday and Hina Matsuri (girl’s day)

Shouhei and I celebrated Tanaka’s birthday with matching T-shirts!  
With all my being, I want to become a really bold Tanaka-senpai with every detail in this coming production (^^) 

#Tanaka Ryuunosuke Birthday Festival 2017

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

*Hina Matsuri is known as Girl’s Day or Doll’s Day in Japan and is on Mar 3rd every year.  In a typical 7-tier hina doll display (usually found at festivals), the 3rd platform of dolls contains five male musicians.  Each holds a musical instrument except the singer, who holds a fan.  That’s what they were trying to emulate in the group photo, but they’re missing a 5th person.