happy birthday lois lane


Dearest Lois,

On your birthday today, I’d like to say, thank you.
Thank you for being a truly wonderful role-model to girl to who you helped turn into a woman.

While the world thinks you’re pushy, bitchy, and person who will compromise everything to get ahead I know who you really are.
That’s what is important, that the people who love you truly know your true self.

I know, and you taught me this too, that you would never hurt, but alway help.
You stand tall, and try to get ahead, but you never give your integrity away.
You don’t play by the rules others dictate to you, but you don’t break them either (you just find another way).
You’re an honourable woman.
You’re a feminist. But that doesn’t make you a man hater. All you want is equality for all.
You’re a lover.
You’re tender.
You play hard ball.
You’re loving.
And you’re stern.
Your morals are unwavering.
But you’re open minded to that flying guy in a cape showing you something else. (It’s why he’s so in love with you)
You are the essence of the capacity for greatness in humanity.
You’re compassionate, and you can kick ass.
You also taught me good spelling is an option not a prerequisite.
You taught me that I should call out injustices, and praise justice.
You taught me to stand up for those who can’t… Including myself.
You taught me to be sassy as heck, and not take any bullshit.
You taught me it’s okay to be wrong (even if we’re right 99.9% of the time)
You taught me it’s okay to be strong and confident, but it’s also okay to be scared.
You taught me emotions can be shown to the world, or kept hidden inside.
You taught me it’s okay to be sexy, and a clumsy dork.
You taught me to swear… Like a lady.
You taught me to drink… Like a lady. (Whiskey neat!)
You’re career woman who can also make a home.

What you are, dearest Lois, is a lady of many talents and faults.
You’re a real woman, with complexities and as many facets as a diamond.
And you taught me that being different is okay.
What you taught me is to accept both my positives and negatives and live with who you are.
Because once you love yourself, even a Superman can fall in love with you.

Happy Birthday Lois Joanne Lane. Don’t ever change. And a thousand thank you’s.
I will be forever grateful for all you have taught me.


Hey, Kids….Comics!

Today is Lois Lane’s birthday and to celebrate I’m rereading a few of the classic issues from the 1970s. Lois took on social issues such as race relations, Indian affairs, the environment and the evils of drugs. Well, the one about the tree may only actually be about Superman turning into a tree, but it’s a favorite story anyway. Happy Birthday, Lois!