happy birthday living legend


We are STARISH vs. Maji Love Live 5th Stage 

Hijirikawa Masato || Suzumura Ken’ichi


Paris Jackson is now an 18 year old beast! I love her!

So, here is a Paris style/hair appreciation post

She reminds me of Jared Leto and Kristen Stewart. Everchanging styles. Cool philosophies on life. Living like a boss. And always effortlessly awesome. And gorgeous.

Happy Birthday to living legend, Lata Mangeshkar ❤️
How her voice has affected millions around the world has no description. Think of a classic Indian song and without a doubt one the Mangeshkar sisters would have sung it. So many emotions and memories tied to the lyrics she has indescribably performed and poured her heart and soul into - no one can compare. If I were ever to faint meeting someone, it would be her.

Pictures: James Burke, LIFE Magazine.

“A lot of young Latino actors have said to me, ‘Why can’t we get an Oscar? Why can’t we be nominated?’ And the terrible truth is that if you don’t get the right parts, you’re not going to be. Are you going to get an Oscar nomination for one of those Judd Apatow movies? Not likely, no matter what nationality you are. And I think that until we as Latino actors get to do roles that have really serious meaning, it’s going to be impossible to get nominated.”

Happy 84th birthday to Rita Moreno, a living legend, intrepid Latina trailblazer, and one of the first-ever EGOT completists, seen here with her Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for West Side Story, one of the greatest musical performances ever put onto film. Bow down.


As you can see this drawing was ripped for a phase but I stayed strong and stuck it all again and redrew it just for JT. But past is past.

Dear Justin Timberlake,
Thank god for the 31st of January for blessing this planet with your birth. Who would’ve thought that little kid with noodle hair will turn out being a worldwide known living legend?!? You’re incredible. Happy birthday, man.
Emre Süner