happy birthday little mix


I am so proud of these four crazy, beautiful, hardworking, and strong women. Here’s to four incredible years and more to come! Happy 4th Anniversary, Little Mix!

Tying Up Old Ends

Sam Winchester x Reader

1000 Words

This is for @jared-padaloveme and her JuJu’s fluffy Birthday Challenge. I picked prompt #30, So Why Did I have to Punch That guy. 

Happy Early Birthday!!!

Maybe a tiny little bit of angst mixed in…

It was moments like these that you really enjoyed. Sitting at a local bar, sipping on a beer, with your boyfriend Sam, sitting across from you. His brother was off, hitting on the locals, while you and Sam talked about anything and everything. The case was over, the monster killed surprisingly easy. Now you just couldn’t wait to get out of this town and head back home, to your bunker.

“So, why are you so ready to leave this town?” Sam asked you, his fingers reaching for, and connecting with yours.

“Sam, I never told you this, but I used to live here. After my parents died, I tried living a normal life, settling down. This was before I met you.” You started explaining, finally telling Sam something you had never told anyone before. “It was nice. Never having to worry about the next monster, or if you would live to see the next sunrise.”

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There’s so much gay going on in Perrie’s birthday message to Jade that I’m crying:

1) Of course Perrie needed to use the sexy bedroom picture. Out of all the Jerrie images Perrie needed to include Jade whispering sweet nothings into her ear…

2) “My little poopy” - using a pet name. No further explanation needed.

3) “You deserve a wild night…” - and Perrie is going to give it to her. She can’t wait for them to “let our hair down!”.

4) Perrie is looking forward to Jade’s “drunken winks across the bar” ;)

5) “m'love” - using a pet name. No further explanation needed.

6) Most importantly Perrie just confirmed that Jade scares cute guys off by telling them that “they’ll always be second best to you cz ‘Jerrie’ is real!” - if that doesn’t scream jealous girlfriend I don’t know what does?!?!!!

7) “Thanks petal” - using a pet name. No further explanation needed.