happy birthday lil prince



i watched an exo music video for the first time exactly 10 months ago today and oh my goodness becoming a fan has changed me so much… and i’m so extremely happy to stan and be biased to minseok ❤️ he’s truly an angel, both charming and adorably sweet, and of course as my ultimate bias i must wish him the best birthday 🎉 ❤️ so here are a few of my favorite gifs of my favorite lil prince… happy xiumin day!! 💖💖💖

생일 축하해요 킴 민섴~~ ❣️

Kyungsoo - My Everything

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; for you are my morning star; the one that shines through day and night; the one who will always be right beside me.

A/N: happy birthday to my lil prince, do kyungsoo. enjoy your day !!

masterlist // get to know me

“Is he awake yet?”

“Shut up, Baekhyun, you might wake him and ruin the surpri-”

“You’re all going to ruin the surprise if you don’t shut your mouths and go with the plan,” you hissed at Chanyeol and Baekhyun as excitement took over them.

     You, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and the rest of the group quietly walked inside his room, making sure to keep your presence unknown to the sleeping man.

     You waved your hand at Sehun, telling him to come over with the cake. Carefully coming to your side, Sehun made sure that the candles won’t blow out as he held it.

     While Sehun tended the cake, you looked to the other side of the bed, watching Jongdae’s hand signals as he counted down each second to 12am.

     Finally, it was 12am, and it was finally his birthday, your first anniversary, the very first day you’ve met each other.

     Everyone shouted “happy birthday, kyungsoo” loudly, walking Kyungsoo up. His eyes were tired as he rubbed them, but you could already see the joy and happiness in him to be surprised and remembered by his loved ones on this special day.

     Sehun lowered the cake, so Kyungsoo may be able to blow out the candles. He paused for a second, praying his birthday wishes before blowing the candles. As soon as the candle lights were gone, someone had turned on the lights, but the room remained comfortably dim.

     Junmyeon started telling Kyungsoo his wishes for him, and the others followed. You were the very last one to talk, and it made you nervous for some reason.

“Kyungsoo, happy birthday,” you began, your heart beating too fast for no reason, “Happy anniversary to us. I hope, I wish, I pray that 2017 will treat you well and that you will receive all the love you deserve, and of course, the rest you need.”

     You paused for a moment before continuing on, “I didn’t believe in fate until I bumped into you in that library, Kyungsoo. I didn’t believe in a love nor happiness. I was in a bad place in life, and I was sad and lonely beyond belief. Then somehow, someone tried to grab the same exact book from the other side of the shelf, introduced himself as Do Kyungsoo, and started to appear in that library everyday he could.”

     You could see the other members smiling as Kyungsoo too has a small blush and smile on his face. “I didn’t expect you to become my best friend and much less my boyfriend. Life has brought us to such a wonderful and beautiful place, and I can’t say ‘I love you’ enough to you to express how much I truly appreciate and love you. I don’t think I could have survived two years ago if it weren’t for our common interest in love poems that made us reach for the same book. Love brought us here today two years after meeting each other by fate. I love you, Kyungsoo. You are my morning star, my day and night, my sun and moon, my universe. I love you. You complete me, Kyungsoo.”

     At this time, a few members were teary eyed, having known your past. A single tear slipped down Kyungsoo’s face as he smiled at you. He took your hands in his, pulling you down to the bed, both of you sitting up.

“You are my stars and heaven, my angel and muse, my one and only. I love you, jagiya. You complete me, Y/N,” Kyungsoo said in a soft voice but still audible to all in the room. He leaned forward and placed a kiss on your lips; soft, gentle and loving.

“Happy anniversary to us,” Kyungsoo said, taking you into his arms where you cried; the place you’ll never leave.