happy birthday leadernim!!

Happy birthday to the world’s best leader,
Our Teukie 😀🎉🎉🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉💙💙💙

170630 superjunior.labelsj IG update:

Big oppa .., is it tomorrow?
Every day more handsome leadernim, happy birthday with all our heart, 🎉🎂 Happy Teuk day❤ #superjunior #leeteuk #birthday 19830701 #SuperJunior #Leeteuk #HBD #HappybirthdayLeeteuk #HappyLeeteukday #LabelSJ
(Eunhae Naama Park)

170630 superjunior.labelsj IG update:

큰오빠 리즈는 내일이라면서요? 매일매일 더 멋있어지는 리더님, 생일을 진심으로 축하합니다 🎉🎂 해피특데이❤️ #슈퍼주니어 #이특 #생일 #19830701 #SuperJunior #Leeteuk #HBD #HappybirthdayLeeteuk #HappyLeeteukday #LabelSJ



I know this might sound awkward, but I am so greatful for Jaebum! I appreciate everything he does for his members and how he is so passionate about dancing, singing, etc! 

I hope that you will be able to get through bad times with the help of the members, friends and us fans, that you’ll be healthy, that you’ll be loved and that you get to spend time with your families, Jaebum!

Happy Birthday to our cute, passionate, talented and handsome Jaebum! 

#16 Eric Special - Orange Memories

Well this one will be a long one. Since it’s leadernim’s birthday, I found many things that people have said about him. But first I wanted to share something I found that Eric had posted on his twitter a while ago while tweeting with a fan I believe.

“Shinhwa played around and we were really open with each other but if we had only played around all the time we wouldn’t have come this far. Younger fans who like me have responsibilities too. I will play around, but I will be scolding some for your sake so don’t be too surprised in the future~ It’s not going to be different from what your parents say to you but it will be more persuasive if it comes from the mouth of the oppa you like I believe? We don’t really care about being first place on music shows and being popular anymore. Although we are merely entertainers who act cute on TV or onstage in front of an audience, if the way we as individuals or as Shinhwa lived, or the stories we tell you directly or indirectly can pull you fans towards good, and later when you become great people, if we can see interviews in the future saying that I used to like a singer named Shinhwa when I was little and the things they said, the promises they made and their methods stimulated me and that made me the person I am now, that’s what I believe would make us feel we really succeeded. Please help Shinhwa succeed in this way. We will lead you to good roads the best we can, and we will work hard as entertainers, our main job, so that we can make you happy when you are down. This isn’t really organized but I hope you understand it~ I hope shcj becomes a playful and yet responsible and good, soft on the inside, strong on the outside people~ Hwaiting!!” – Eric
(source shcjindonesia(dot)wordpress(dot)com/2011/07/10/update-110707-eric-twitter-part-2/)

1) “Our leader is Eric!” .. The Selfless, Loyal, Dependable, Considerate, Sacrificer, supportive, Man of his words and Trustworthy Leader. He who’s been quietly leading Shinhwa from the backseat & never thought of stepping into the limelight, happily giving it to the members. He, who always put Shinhwa as his first priority, over his solo career, & always thinks of Shinhwa before himself. He who knows how to keep his promises.
He was the one who said things like “It’s not easy to see Shinhwa, if there’s anything, you can look for me” when Shinhwa got bashed by a reporter. He, who rejected a contract worth multiple times more than Shinhwa’s only to make the group stay together.. Even still asked the members “can I stay with you guys? ” .. He, who has led the group for 18 years and managed the original members since their debut. No one left, no one dropped out, always thinking of “us” before “me”. He who always expresses how proud he is of the members’ successful solo careers & his unconditional support to them. Eric Mun .. Moon Jung Hyuk .. The Best Leader we could ever ask for .. & the man with a sweet, cute, 4D & caring personality that make him a perfect dream guy.
To the love of my life, Eric .. Thank you for keeping Shinhwa together .. Thank you for being such wonderful leader .. Thank you for being our Bodyguard .. Thank you for treating us as real princesses .. I am soo proud of you .. you’re a big inspiration in my life
Happiest birthday my sweetheart

2) Leadernim, it is a funny thing. Even though I know that your "ways” have affected me and thought me so much, no matter how much I thought about what memories I have of you, nothing particular came to my mind. I think this is because you always try to dodge the spotlight, but somehow you manage to inspire others. So I believe that Shinhwa members and SCHJ speak for you. When people look at the orange ocean, they wonder how and why is this created? What is the main reason that so many people gather together? Why are they showing so much affection? Although music and entertainment are surely part of the answer, but this is definitely not all of it. I think these questions can be answered by just looking at how the members “take care” of you when you are put on the spotlight. By looking at how they tease you, but praise you when you are not there (because apparently you hate that stuff lol). By looking at how you did everything to keep Shinhwa together, to keep a promise and respect SHCJ. By looking at how you support other member’s solos to the point that they are surprised too (lol). I see you as a good leader, not a leader who wants to order people around or want to stand out, but a leader who takes the first step and paves the way, slowly pushing everyone forward. Happy birthday to our leadernim :)

4)Eric is a member I rarely mentioned about; someone I rarely go crazy over. It might appear as if I didn’t like him as much as the rest (which isn’t true). I didn’t really question why my lack of public display of affection (”PDA”) for him. But Joe’s project sparks me to think about it. Andy is obviously my love in Shinhwa. I had a crush on Jinnie for a moment. Hyesung burnt my bias list recently (I managed to hold on to that tiny part with Andy’s name but no.2 to no.6 are blurred). Dongwan always caused me to write long posts and “fight” for him. Minwoo is the one I felt very protective over recently. And Eric…since a long time ago, I’d been telling people he felt like an older brother to me.
Such an easy statement that could mean nothing. But in my world, it means a lot. Eric is my safe harbour. Instead of wanting to protect him like how I always felt for other members, he makes me feel like I am the one being protected. Instead of increasing my pulse like how the rest of the members always did, he stabilises it and makes me feel at ease. None of the other members felt like this. And that is why I rarely go around with PDA for Eric. In my Eric’s sense, I am a kid; a little sister that goes to school with his 5 other brothers (when they have their activities and I fangirl over them). A little sister that joins the five running around in the playground while Eric watches us by the side with a smile. With his selfless love, he shelters me along with the rest of Shinhwa. Yes, Eric is an idol. He is the embodiment of perfection. From his appearance to his selfless nature, Eric is flawless. But forgive me for not being able to worship this epitome of perfection with the many of you. Because I get getting a little too warm and comfy with him. (ericmun-Tumblr)

Raise your hand if your leader is someone who would rather leave a big-time company than lose one member, who during rough times divides his solo earnings for all members, who pools out money to help a friend in need (and give it to him on his birthday because it’s more dramatic like that), who thinks it’s all or none at all.. To that awesome leader, (belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If anyone can do what you have done before, no group will disband at all haha! That’s why you’re the best leader ever! Here’s to more angry ppuing-ppuings, crossdressings and 4D-ness! We 💞 youuu~