happy birthday lauren i love you


Happy 50th Birthday, Lauren Helen Graham! (March 16th, 1967) ✨

Life doesn’t often spell things out for you or give you what you want exactly when you want it, otherwise it wouldn’t be called life, it would be called vending machine. It’s hard to say exactly when it will happen, and it’s true that whatever you’re after may not drop down the moment you spend all your quarters, but someday soon a train is coming. In fact, it may already be on the way. You just don’t know it yet.


Thank you, Canada, for make my life so gay 🌈👭❤💙💚💛💜 

Reasons to ship Camren…

  • They have matching onesies; Lauren’s one is gray whilst Camila’s is pink.
  • They’re both Cuban.
  • They’re both from Miami, Florida.
  • Both are Latinas.
  • Lauren and Camila got the most solos in The X Factor performances.
  • They are both big fans of One Direction.
  • They both auditioned in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • They both have a younger sister.
  • They hung out with each other on December 31st, 2012 to January 1st, 2013. They then tweeted a photo of Camila making a funny face and Lauren looking awkward.
  • Spanish was both their first language.
  • They live 15 minutes away from each other.
  • They often switch places with the other girls so they can sit next to each other.
  • They both love to do accents with each other.
  • They often think the same things at the same time.
  • They both have a weakness: Lauren for beanies and Camila for bows.
  • Lauren is the only one who calls Camila Camz.
  • Camila said if Lauren got arrested for something, she would get arrested for being so sweet.
  • They sat right next to each other at a The 1975 concert.
  • They have the same music taste.
  • Lauren said Camila is her “Pink Princess”.
  • Lauren is the “mom”…and Camila is the “father”.
  • Camila thinks Lauren is a “boss of an intelligent opinion”.
  • Camila thinks Lauren “is real”.
  • Camila would switch her mind with Lauren.
  • Lauren would switch her mind with Camila.
  • Camila wanted Lauren to kiss her under the mistletoe.
  • They wear the same “merch” clothes.
  • The way Lauren looks at Camila after she says “Fall, by Ed Sheeran”.
  • Lauren is Camila’s celebrity crush. (Oh … and Camila wants to marry with her celebrity crush ..even if her family doesn’t support the relationship.)
  • Camila would be "Baby Spice” because she is Lauren’s baby.
  • Lauren is the only person who laughs at Camila’s jokes.
  • Camila loves Lern Jerg.
  • Because Lauren helps her when her banana is dead on the floor.
  • Because Lauren helps her when her microphone breaks.
  • Because Lauren ties her shoes.
  • Camila is the sun and Lauren the moon.
  • Because Lauren doesn’t know what else to say but she thinks Camila is pretty fucking Dope!
  • Because Camila has Lauren “written on her”.
  • Because Camila read Lauren’s favorite book.
  • Because Lauren knows that Camila cried reading “Fault in Our Stars”.
  • Because one day Camila and Lauren went to the bathroom together and … that’s the end of the conversation!
  • Because Camila thinks Lauren can sing and is pretty too.
  • Because they have an audience that calls them crazy! (and they call us delusional!)
  • Because both like “so many hot boys”.
  • Because Camila said: “keep the boat floating”.
  • Because Lauren said “It’s Camren, YOOO!.
  • Because Lauren wants someone to love her insecurities…and Camila do!
  • Because Lauren has “the most beautiful emerald eyes in the world”.
  • Because Camila thinks Lauren is “perfect”.
  • Camila tried salmon because Lauren loves sushi.
  • Because Lauren thinks Camila is goofy, not the bad kind goofy, the cute kind goofy.
  • Because Camila loves people from “planet green eyes”.


  • I love you. You’re one of my best friends and I feel like I’ve know you forever. You’re one of the smartest people I know and you’re stuning. I’ve learned a lot from you, just know I’ll always be here for you no matter what!” - Camila on Lauren
  • Happy 16th Birthday little one(: thank you for always being you and being one of the raddest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. You’re an incredible person and I’m extremely lucky to have you in my life. Thanks for being there to vent with and even though we haven’t known each other for even a year yet, I feel like you’re the sister God forgot to give me. I love you Camzi(: have a good one babe! 💙😘🎉🎈🎁💙#camren” - Lauren on Camila

  • Happy 17th Birthday to this little nugget right here. I thought this picture was cute so I decided it would suffice. Just wanted to let you know that you’re an amazing beautiful person and I’m glad that you’ve been alive for 17 years and that 2 of them have been spent with the girls and I because idk you’re pretty rad and an amazing friend and fun to have around. I hope you have an amazing day and feel as special today as you deserve to feel everyday. Thanks for always being there for me when I need you and for being your wonderful self(: I LOVE YOU CAMZ” - Lauren on Camila

  • AWHHHHH YAAAY I LOVE YOU UR CUTE 🐏🐟💗🎷” - Camila on Lauren

  • The word I’d use to describe Camila is hmm I’m gonna say cutesy, like also goofy. It’s like both, like the good kind of goofy not the weird kind. Like the cutesy kinda goofy” - Lauren on Camila

  • LERN JERGI. ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY. YOU ARE 18. THIS IS THE MOMENT YOUVE BEEN WAITING FOR. IF YOU STUCK YOUR TONGUE OUT IN THE AIR RIGHT NOW YOU COULD PROBABLY TASTE THE SWEET AND PUNGENT FREEDOM OF DRAGONFLY TATTOOS, NOSE PIERCINGS, AND VOTING RIGHTS. we’ve been through thick and thin in our friendship, and through those thick and thins I’ve gotten blessed enough to experience you as a person. ive gotten to experience your bomb music taste which I am SO HAPPY YOU INTRODUCED ME TO because we have the best time at concerts bonding over bands and there are so many more to come PRAISE JESUS. i can come to you about anything and expect the pure, honest, rare truth and I’ll always be there tell you it’ll be okay when you cry on my shoulder when you feel lonely or hurt. I’ve gotten to see firsthand your incredible sense of justice, when you see that something unfair or wrong has happened, you’ll raise your voice and fight for that person with a bravery that I, and many other people (although they might not admit it) wish they had. i love how passionately you fight for what you think is right and everyone should remind you today and everyday that it’s a strength and not a weakness. i can’t tell you what a comfort it is to know someone like you will stick up for me and have my back, i hope you know i will too. i love you always” - Camila on Lauren

  • Super cute candids taken by a random stranger always make good birthday post pics. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY CAMILA CABELLO. YOU’RE LEGAL NOW YAYYY!!!!!! You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I’m so thankful that I get to call you my friend. Thanks for all the laughs, for being my shoulder to cry on whenever I’ve needed a friend, for giving amazing sound advice (even though you’re just now considered an adult by the government you’ve been there mentally for a while which I greatly appreciate) I wish you many more years of amazingness and I hope you had the best day with your family. You deserve all the love and happiness the world has to offer and I wish it all upon you for many many years to come. I LOVE YOU CAMZZZZ❤️❤️❤️” - Lauren on Camila

  • HAPPY 19TH LAUREN!! i remember the day you auditioned for X factor seeing a beautiful green eyed girl belt out an Alicia keys song so perfectly i feared for my life. i remember telling my mom "that girl can sing!! and she’s gorgeous too!!” and then you walked out and i told you i loved your shirt remember? HAHAHA. it’s funny how before we even knew how important we were going to be to each other, something in us knew and something in us will always know. i love how fiercely you defend your opinion, i love your strength, your bold independence, and your desire to live life fully. i love that we crack up at each other’s jokes even when nobody else gets them- and i love those moments where we get caught up in talking about a band or a book and we get lost in the conversation like two normal girls in high school that aren’t about to go do something ridiculous like go to an awards show. i will always be there for you when you need someone to vent to, when you want to talk about the overwhelming underwhelmingness of boys that break our hearts or the overwhelming overwhelmingness of when a kiss leaves your head reeling, when i back you up and you need someone to stick up for you, or when you just need someone to understand- we’ve done that for each other in the last 3 years and we will do that for each other forevermore. i love you so much !!!! happy 19th lern jergi!!!!! camila“ - Camila on Lauren

“I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! I’ll never catch up otherwise.”
     ↪ Happy Birthday to my other self, Lauren (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ [14.07]

mikejauregui24 HAPPY 21st Birthday to my first born baby girl. Can’t believe the day has come. You have grown into such a beautiful women inside and out. Your heart is as big as a planet and it is open wide for all to come inside. It has been extremely hard to watch you grow up so far away from us and in an industry that has skewed so many lives,but u managed to do it all on your own and to stay true to who you are. I’m so very proud of you and I’m constantly wanting to show u off all time (Even though you hate it). Today you officially become an adult. (Even though you have been one since you were 10). No matter what though you will always be Daddy’s little girl. Know that I will be there to hold your hand through the good times and the bad times. I will be there to celebrate with u  and to pick u up when you fall no matter what your age. Keep shining that beautiful smile and light form your heart and keep bringing that joy with your beautiful voice. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Flaca. DADDY Loves you very much.
Jada Pinkett Smith Blasts Tupac Biopic ‘All Eyez on Me': ‘Deeply Hurtful’

Jada Pinkett Smith has called the “reimagining” of her relationship to Tupac Shakur in “All Eyez on Me” “deeply hurtful.” In a series of tweets posted Friday, she’s set the record straight about specific scenes in the movie that she says didn’t happen in real life.

“Forgive me… my relationship to Pac is too precious to me for the scenes in All Eyez On Me to stand as truth,” Pinkett said. “Pac never read me that poem. I didn’t know that poem existed until it was printed in his book … Pac never said goodbye to me before leaving for LA. He had to leave abruptly and it wasn’t to pursue his career.”

She said, “The reimagining of my relationship to Pac has been deeply hurtful.” However, she said she doesn’t blame Kat Graham or Demetrius Shipp Jr. for the movie’s faults. Graham portrays Pinkett Smith in the film.

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Pinkett Smith ends her series of tweets by writing, “Happy birthday Pac, you are cradled in my heart for eternity. I love you.” June 16 marks the rapper’s birthday.

Directed by Benny Boom and produced by Lionsgate’s Codeblack Films and Morgan Creek Productions, “All Eyez on Me” stars Shipp, Jr. as the famed rapper Tupac Shakur and follows his rise to stardom. Jeremy Haft, Eddie Gonzalez and Steven Bagatourian share the writing credit, with David Robinson, L.T. Hutton, and James G. Robinson producing.

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The film also stars Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Jamie Hector, Jamal Woolard and Dominic L. Santana. The movie hit theaters on Friday and is expected to earn around $20 million its opening weekend.

So far, the film hasn’t received great reviews — on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a score of 25 percent.

Lionsgate has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.

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Read her tweets below.

Forgive me… my relationship to Pac is too precious to me for the scenes in All Eyez On Me to stand as truth.

Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapsmith) June 16, 2017

Pac never read me that poem. I didn’t know that poem existed until it was printed in his book.

Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapsmith) June 16, 2017

Pac never said goodbye to me before leaving for LA. He had to leave abruptly and it wasn’t to pursue his career.

Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapsmith) June 16, 2017

I’ve never been to any of Pac’s shows by his request. We never had an argument backstage.

Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapsmith) June 16, 2017

The reimagining of my relationship to Pac has been deeply hurtful.

Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapsmith) June 16, 2017

To @KatGraham and @Dshippjr this is no fault of yours. Thank you for bringing so much heart and spirit to your roles.

Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapsmith) June 16, 2017

You both did a beautiful job with what you were given. Thank you both.

Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapsmith) June 16, 2017

Happy birthday Pac, you are cradled in my heart for eternity.
I love you.

Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapsmith) June 16, 2017

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Who do you think you are turning 21 just like that, huh?!?! Anywaysss, I will always be here for you. I will always love you and your amazing, beautiful soul. You’ve really made an impact on me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN! I love you nuggettt and I hope you enjoy your special day. @ssweet-dispositionn


5 years ago Lauren twetted “it’s camren yo” and she oficially named their ship… so… Happy Birthday Camren ✨🦋🌹💃🏻🌜🌞 ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS 💞


laurenjauregui: My baaaaaby girl isn’t a BABY ANYMORE😭😭😭 @normanikordei happy HAPPY happy 21st birthday you beautiful beautiful soul. Words can’t express the shit we’ve been through together but moments of releasing emotions by your side for the past 5 years has been a blessing. Thank you for being so admirable and kind and hardworking and thoughtful and fuckin perfect. You have been such an amazing friend to me and I appreciate your wisdom and friendship so so much. You’ve been my rock in some of my lowest times and I’m so grateful to have watched you grow and come into your own and be at this birthday dinner with you right now. You’re such a special talented light and I love you with all my heart❤❤❤ I wish you a million years of love and success and to celebrating many more birthdays with you☺❤☺☺❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA


Happy birthday, dad. You fvcking inspired me a lot. You inspired me to embrace myself, specially my sexuality, to be proud of who I am, and lastly, to fight for the love that’s worth to fight for, no matter how hard it’ll be. Now, I’m processing everything slowly but surely. I’m planning to come out soon! Thanks for the inspiration! I love you, mom! Thanks for everything!


Also im thinking of all you Camren Shippers on this very day. I love you also and if you ever need to talk about how much Camren has brought happiness to your life, I am here to listen. 


Hamilton Characters + Instagram

I am not throwin’ away my shot.

For my little sister, my best friend, my rock. Happy birthday Steph, @slughcrn , I hope your day is as beautiful as you are and you get everything you could possibly wish for. I love you with all my heart and soul and I’m sending you all my love and happy vibes for your birthday! Happy 17th Stephen 💖


Happy Birthday Betty Bacall, 16.09.1924 - 12.08.2014 ∞ 

‘I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.’ - Lauren Bacall

‘No happy mediums for me! […] No compromises in life for me - I wouldn’t settle - I’d rather not go out, just live with my dreams.’Lauren Bacall, By Myself and Then Some.


dinahjane97: pre-bday turnnn up 🤷🏼‍♀️🎈
laurenjauregui: … PS: I can’t believe you’re freaking 20 years old…you’re the baby you need to stop growing please😭😭😭😭
allybrookeofficial:  … I’m so so so so sooooo grateful for you my BEAUTIFUL Dinah Jane Hansen. I’m very proud of you dear. Keep shining ever so brightly! Our Polynesian Princess. I love you forever and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🎈🎉🎂🎁
normanikordei: I just need to make sure that you are aware that you’ll always be my baby. I don’t care if you’re twenty grown and sexy.

A couple days ago I discovered the musical Hamilton and now I can’t stop listening (and trying to sing along) to the cast recording. Yesterday was also the birthday of @linmanuel so here are some Hamilton doodles