happy birthday kuro!!


❝ saying it ‘simply’ the way you would. Please lend me a hand。   —— HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASTRA! @just-servamp-trash

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Happy Birthday, erens-jaeger-bombs !! ♥

Cute boyfriends being cute in Autumn season for you~~

There’s always pleasant surprises when my friends know my OTP, and when they also remember the random things that I really like. Like the movie, Aladdin. So you can imagine my reaction when my bro, aural980, gifted me these adorable chibis for my birthday.

Let’s just say that I cannot stop smiling when I see this. It’s so cute. And it’s so perfect. And now I’m craving an Ereri Aladdin!AU dammit.

Bro, thanks for always being there for me, especially when I need it most (even though you may not know it). Thanks for always showering me with gifts (both the lovely and the frickin’ hilarious). And I know I’m probably the worst at expressing myself sometimes, but just… really… Thank you. I’m extremely grateful that you are in my life somehow, keeping me insane and grounded and so very happy.


Perfect Birthday : Kuroo Tetsuro

Happy birthday to my cat son/husband Kuroo Tetsuro!

Enjoy this sweet Kuroo fluff foe the occasion :3

“Hey, Tetsu?” You asked, peering at him from your position lying down on his messy, unmade bed. “What do you want to do for your birthday?”

Dawn rose through the window, casting a beautiful yellow glow around his bedroom, and you couldn’t help fall in love with the way his amber eyes sparkled as the sun caught them, and the way his hair seemed to have an unearthly glow.

He turned his head to look at you, and reached for you hand. You met him halfway and your fingers interlocked. 

“I just want to spend the day with you,” he said quietly, unwilling to break the peacefulness of the early morning. “Eating left-overs for breakfast, binge watching movies and ordering in for dinner. An entire day for us.”

You smiled ta him. “That sounds wonderful, but we could do anything you want, I have money saved,”

“I know,” he replied, a lazy grin stretching across his face. “But right now, I want to stay in this moment forever, me and you talking quietly in the early sun.”

“Tetsu…” you replied breathily.

He slowly pulled you from bed, making sure to drape a blanket around your shivering shoulders, your toes curling at the foreign cold outside the bed. You stood opposite him, and he slowly leant forward to wrap his arms around you, you replying by wrapping your own arms around his waist.

He started swaying and you followed him gently, your head first against his chest, and then buried in the crook of his neck, basking in his early morning scent of sheets and the strange smell of warmth, and dappled sunlight on skin, and worn clothes. You swayed gently with him, letting him guide you round the room until you were both standing in front of the window.

He gazed down at you with something unreadable in his eyes. And you smiled up at him.

“What is it?” you asked, the sky turning a lavender and pink behind the window.

Kuroo’s hands went to the sheet around your body and carefully he lifted it so it was resting over your head. You frowned in confusion, only for the expression to melt off when a thumb brushed over your glabella.

“You look beautiful,” he told you, a gentle smile curving his lips. “Like a perfect painting of everything I’ve ever wanted.”

And then slowly, as the yellow glow of the sun shone across the room once again, he leant again and pressed his lips against yours. Gentle but searing hot in all the right places. Your hand gripped the sheet and the other was balled at the front of Kuroo’s shirt, while both of his were cupping your face.

It wasn’t a perfect kiss.

Your noses bumped twice and both of you had musty morning breath with faint traces of toothpaste. But it was toe-curling and felt like a soft promise.

And it was all both of you had ever wanted.

“This,” Kuroo breathed, his lips only barely touching yours, and you resisted the urge to lean into them again. “Is already a perfect birthday.”

You,” you breathed again him before he kissed you again as the sun rose in the sky, the sheet slipping from your body.

Happy birthday Kuroo!

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