happy birthday komaeda!

ダンガンロンパごちゃまぜまとめ 〜201608 by ゼルス | Pixiv ID 1291771

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We need to talk about Komaeda's birthday

Because I love Nagito so much, I’m going to give you Komaeda lovers/haters an early birthday present

Ko’s birthday is April the 28th, right? In other words, 4.28.

The number 4 is akin to death (as in pronounced similarly to the word death, aka shi or 死). In other words, it’s a very unlucky number.

The day’s important too. 8 is a lucky number in China, being pronounced similarly to the word fortune. (Ba—Fa). I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Two by itself isn’t really lucky/unlucky. BUT when you put it with 8, it acts like a multiplier. So now it’s like 2 times 8, or double of eight. Since 8 is lucky, it’s like double the luck

I don’t know how horoscopes work exactly, but I can assume that the month is more important than the day. 4 in the month brings a lot of bad luck, which is then cancelled out by having double the luck (28) in the month.

Komaeda’s existence in its entirety is centered around luck

seriously this is why he has no chill

EDIT: @tantei-armin suggested that 4 times 2 equals 8, like the huge amount of bad luck Ko gets is followed by a bout of good luck. Ain’t that spiffy?

EDIT 2: I’m glad you guys love Nagito as much as I do. Seriously, 50 notes? I didn’t expect this when I created my account like a month ago and I still don’t know what I’m doing

EDIT 3: HOLY FRICKIN SHIZZLE 100+ NOTES????? I’m so blown away by this, I just thought this was something neat I could point out but then this??? I’m legit freaking out right now. I feel like Komaeda when he met Izuru. Oh my gosh


💖 Credits to しぶえ  💖