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Kuroko’s birthday before entering Seirin would have been absolute horrible and look at him now, his friends are with him and he is part of the greatest team and… He is so incredible :’V

Kimura Ryohei tweeting about Kise Ryouta’s birthday, his character on Kuroko no Basuke, today (6/18)!

@Ryouhey_Drunk: Thank you for celebrating Kise Ryouta’s birthday this year! Soon is the climax of the anime, He (Kise Ryouta) also became quite an adult. Please support “Kuroko’s Basketball” until the end!!


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(7.30) ☆ Happy Birthday Ryohei-kun! ☆
Little Moments

Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kise Ryouta x Reader
Rating: K+
A/N: This is a very late birthday gift for my waifu.. @anniecrow . I’m sorry this took so long bby! But I really hope you enjoy this drabble.. story thing.. With your beloved Ki-chan!! ;D

“Daddy’s home!”

Kise exclaims as he shuts the door, kicking off his shoes and collapses on the couch. There you were, already in his arms, showering him with kisses and hugs, something he really needed after a long day of work..

“Welcome home Ryouta.”

He cupped your cheek, pressing a soft, tender kiss to your mouth, before trailing down to your swollen belly, He was careful with pulling your shirt up - in all reality, it was his and he didn’t care if it ripped. But he didn’t want to upset you, so he was careful not to touch your breasts either, knowing they’re a very sensitive spot.. He then leans down to pepper lots of kisses on the skin, tracing over the spot with his fingers.

He purred when your hand ran through his hair, encouraging him to continue with his ministrations and he couldn’t help but stare in awe at your beauty. He knew you were self-conscious about the baby weight, but he always took his time to show you just how much he adore it. 

“Hey.. Make sure your mommy gains more weight.. She looks adorable when she’s nice and round.”

He laughed when you gasped, lightly smacking him with the couch pillow as you messed up his beautiful golden locks.

“Ryouta!! Don’t tell them that!!” you whined, burying your face in your hands, “so embarrassing!”

He shook his head, grabbing your hands in his, and caught your mouth between his once more. It was a longer, much sweeter embrace, and he smiled when you lightly mewled against him. 

He pulled back to rest his forehead against yours, giving you a sunshine smile as he whispered,

“I love you ____-cchi..”

The way his eyes glowed with adoration and pure love for you.. It made your heart race, and you couldn’t help the way your lips trembled, a habit since your pregnancy began.. He was quick to wipe your tears away with his thumb and lips, pecking them once more. He felt the kick of your baby, eyes glowing even brighter.

“We have a very energetic baby ___-cchi!! And I know he’ll be just like me!”

You could only laugh, straddling his waist and burying your face in his neck, inhaling his scent. Your arms snaked around his waist, snuggling into him as his warmth embraced your very being.

“Hey, Ryouta…”


You looked up at him, giving him a very bright and warm smile.

“I love you too.”

He stared at you for several minutes until he began tickling your sides, feeling his lips curl into a smile. God he could do this forever.. Either way, the moment you give birth, he’s determined to make you pregnant again.

He can’t get over how cuddly and adorable you are with pudgy cheeks.


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Redrawing an old fanart that I did for Riko’s bd last year
I kinda got really down with my art today so I couldn’t finish it, sorry