happy birthday kimothy


Happy birthday Kimothy Kimtopher Tiny Kim @samuelrockwell​! 

No. You’re such a wonderful person and a great friend. I’m so thankful that you overcame your fear of me to join our Steve Jobs rabbits and then started talking to use more because you’re honestly just about perfect and really I’d kill myself if I only had Vivian to be friends with. You’re so unbelievably pleasant and dependable and the last year or so has been an absolute blast being able to talk to you all the time on DMs. I had so much fun introducing you to some of the shows I love, but maybe even more fun discovering and meme-ing through new ones. You’re such a supportive and positive person (you’re going to be such a great teacher I’m excited to hear stories about your students), it’s so nice to talk to you when I’m stressing out. (For all my old age unfortunately I’m not nearly as good with advice as you are and that’s just sad). Anyway I love teasing you about your taste and age, you’re such a good sport. Thank you so much for always being so encouraging and helpful when I’m constantly pestering you with dumb questions about my gifs or other stupid problems. You’re so cute… even though I love Sprinkles more than I love life itself, I always hear your voice in my head saying her name and it makes me smile. We’ve only really hung out a whopping one time but it was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it more when I come back to New York! Anyway, thank you again for coming up with so many great jokes and ganging up with me on Vivian, it’s really my favorite past time and I’m so happy sharing it with you. (I’m sorry this is a really sucky note I love you so much and I’m having love letter writer’s block)

You’re the best and I’m wishing you all the best in your toddler years,