happy birthday kibummie~!


“My dream isn’t to become the “best”, it’s to be someone who I am not ashamed to be.“ -key

When I first learnt of this thought of key I realized, ahhh he really is a special person. And true to that, what he has accomplished to this day is something us shawols and he himself should be really proud of.
He made me realize how important it is to just be true to yourself and to do the things that you really are passionate about. How there is no point in doing something if your heart is not really willing to do it. Through him, I realized that blunt or straighforward persons can be the ones with the softest hearts too.

He is the epitome of beauty and flawlessness, even his dogs are chic and flawless too 😂

you are appreciated everyday, but today is an extra special day… HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIBUMMIE, continue to slay and forget not to pray 💙💙

“My dream isn’t to be the best, but to be who I’m not ashamed to be.” -Kim Kibum

Happy Birthday my dearest Kibum. May your day be filled with happiness and laughter and friends and family and love. You deserve all the love, support, and joy in the world. You’ve really made a name for yourself Mr. Almighty Key. I hope you continue to work like you have and push the boundaries like you have always done. But make sure to take a rest for today and enjoy it. I love you so much and I can’t wait to continue supporting you down the road. Happy Birthday Kibummie