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“She remembered the first time she’d seen him in the Menagerie. He’d paid Tante Heleen for information- stock tips, political pillow talk, anything the Menagerie’s clients blabbed about when drunk or giddy on bliss. He never visited Heleen’s girls…

One night, as he’d passed her in the parlor, she’d done a foolish thing, a reckless thing. ‘I can help you,’ she’d whispered. He’d glanced at her, then proceeded on his way as if she’d said nothing at all.” | Happy be late Birthday @accidental-rambler


Dean: Come here for a second. Sam: Yeah. Dean: This rattle could be a couple of things. I’m thinking it’s an out-of-tune carb. Sam: Okay. Dean: All right, see this thing? It’s a valve cover. Inside are all the parts that are on the head. Hand me that socket wrench.  All right, you with me so far? Sam: Yeah, uh, valve cover covers the heads. Dean: Very good. Now this is your intake manifold, okay, and on top of it? Sam: It’s, uh, uh, a carburetor. Dean: Carburetor. Sam: Yeah. Dean: Very good. Sam: What’s with the auto shop?… What, you don’t mean you want— Dean: Yeah, I do. You fix it. Sam: Dean, you barely let me drive this thing. Dean: Well, it’s time. You should know how to fix it. You’re gonna need to know these things for the future. And besides, that’s my job, right? Show my little brother the ropes?

3x07 “Fresh Blood”                                                                                                   – For Kaz , Happy Birthday! <3

This is for @kazliin amazing Rivals AU. Write a meme-fic because well… it’s 4am here my brain isn’t the best

Also, happy birthday Kaz!


“The King and The Skater is playing at the cinema tomorrow, do you want to go there?”

Phichit blinked in confusion. There was something weird about that question, such as since when did Yuuri know about current events in Detroit? After all, the festival of foreign films wasn’t something Yuuri usually picked on.

“Sure,” he replied, finally took off his shoes and went to the living room where Yuuri was buried under textbooks. “What time?”

“Is 6 pm okay?”

Phichit nodded and Yuuri smiled, before he went back to his notes and thousand of textbooks. Honestly, it was friday night and Yuuri was studying instead of relaxing. This calls for a drastic measure. “Wash your face Yuuri, it’s time for our skin to glow.”


He should have known something was up when Yuuri asked yesterday. He should have known. Now, looking at the disappointed expression on this guy’s face, Phichit didn’t know if he should laugh or pat his back sympathetically.

But Phichit didn’t care. Third-wheeling the supposed date aside, especially since Yuuri was oblivious in the first place anyway, The King and The Skater was playing and Phichit wouldn’t miss it for the world. “Hello David, I’m his roommate, Phichit.”


Phichit was a great friend. Which was why he was sitting on the toilet, scrolling down SNS because The King and The Skater might be more important but he also wanted Yuuri to have a boyfriend. Based on their interaction in the cinema, it seemed Yuuri was comfortable enough to be close to the guy, but then again Yuuri tutored him for six weeks so it was a given.

Maybe then Yuuri would finally forget Nikiforov.

(He doubted it.)

30 minutes was acceptable, he supposed, or Yuuri would be an anxious mess from worrying if Phichit was somehow swallowed by the toilet. He opened the door, humming to himself, and came face to face with an irate Yuuri.

“What the fuck!” Phichit clutched his chest in surprise.

“Sorry,” Yuuri didn’t look sorry at all, amusement flickered on his face until the irritated expression was back. “Let’s escape from here.”

Okay, first of all, “Why? What about David?”

“Tell you later,” Yuuri replied. They surreptitiously called the waitress, who was giving them a look of suspicion. “We’re from table 9,” Yuuri gave her money to cover all their meals, “please take the rest, and can you please show us the backdoor?”

Behind him, Phichit mouthed, “bad date,” and the waitress looked amused.

“Sure, it’s that way, sirs,” she pointed the door from the kitchen, and Phichit waved to the chefs on the way out. “Should I inform the man that you left?”

“Yes please,” Yuuri looked relieved. “Thank you, Miss.”

“No problem, sirs,” she smiled. “Good luck for the Grand Prix Final,” she said before she closed the door on their faces.

“Well, seems she’s your fan.” Phichit shrugged. He hoped she wouldn’t tell anyone about what happened though, he knew Yuuri would die from embarrassment if it happened. “So what’s the deal with David?” He asked when they were a block away from the restaurant.

“He said Viktor was overrated and the judges always give him scores more than what he deserves,” Yuuri’s frown was back with a pout as a plus.

Oh Yuuri, Phichit fought the urge to hug him fondly. It’s always about Nikiforov in the end, isn’t it?

But there’s one thing more important than another hopeful person who wants to be Yuuri’s the one.

“Did you shove the breadsticks to your purse?”

Yuuri stared him with a look. “I shoved some in my pockets, did it count?” Yuuri showed the breadsticks in his jacket pockets and Phichit took one out.

“You,” Phichit chewed the breadstick, tasted heavenly in his mouth, “are the best friend anyone could ever have.”

“You too,” Yuuri said bashfully, with a hand full of breadstick.

Trans crew love for @softkillua
Thanks for being a wonderful friend!!
Also, thank you @decembercamiecherries for letting me collab with you on this!!! It was so much fun!
I’ll post a link to the fic she wrote that this art goes with in just a bit!

a quiet life, a lonely life, a loving life

This fic is for kazliin​, who is an incomparable goddess and responsible for the amazing Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches, one of the best yuri on ice fanfics. It’s been a wild ride these past few months, and everything you gave us, we want to give back, in as many ways as we can. I hope you like this, and everything else we’ve made you <3 <3 <3 

i wrote this in between Chapter 13 and 14, so a lot of it got spectacularly jossed. but by the time chapter 14 came out i had already written 4k of it OTL. it seems a shame not to put it out, if only to show kaz that her fic has been pushing us to create and produce even before UMFB officially ended. 

EDIT: it’s kazliin’s birthday today, and i only found out! happy birthday kaz and thanks for everything in the rivals verse you are a gift. 

a quiet life, a lonely life, a loving life 

Summary: Morooka has been following Yuuri’s career. He doesn’t plan to stop.

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(Fanfic) 5 times Katsuki Yuuri jerked off to Victor Nikiforov in denial+1 time he still did it with acceptance

An Yuri!!! on Ice au fanfic set in the universe of the amazing fanfic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya (Kazliin on tumblr)! Yeah, this is a fanfic of a fanfic, written for the "thank you for stepping on us" event which is basically the discord server dedicated to this fic celebrating Kaz and that she finished umfb&mha~! The other posts can be found under the #thankyouforsteppingonus tag. 

EDIT: This must be a sign from god, but today is also Kazliin’s birthday! Happy birthday, dear kaz!! Stay awesome and keep murdering us <3</p>

Fic under the cut! I’m posting this a bit earlier to make the event deadline and still adjusting the writing in the later chapters, so only the first chapter can be found under the cut atm.

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What a perfect excuse to draw a light saber for the 4th

The 4th is over I know, but I’m always late for some bday drawings. Whatchu gonna do about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, this gave me a great opportunity to draw a space background! It’s..fairly adequate. I much prefer the lighting lol. Anyway, a drawing for Kaz with Abyss!Sans wielding a light saber for just being her. Cause, y’know. May the 4th. Yes it’s not May 4th anymore shaddup

Anyway a Happy belated Birthday to you Kaz, & may the 4th be with you.

Abyss!Sans by @metakazkz

Star Wars reference by George Lucas

taegrrr  asked:

do the remaining soc members buy kaz crow-related memorabilia for his bday (after hes forced to tell them it for starters)

omg i love this idea bc all my other prompts are serious tysm - also you specifying remaining hurt me.

Kaz’s Birthday (kinda) Part 1 of 2 

bc i’m extra and wrote lots of dialogue so it got lengthy 

  • (if anyone could get info from him, it would be the good and honest wraith and she’d be casual about it. so here’s that)
  • They’re in his office. Kaz is leafing through documents, looking over numbers he’s already memorized. But he doesn’t know how to talk to Inej; doesn’t yet know how to say the things he wants to say, so he keeps himself preoccupied.
  • Inej is at the window, sprinkling crumbs out for crows again even though she knows she shouldn’t. She peers over her shoulder to see Kaz watching her and starts with,“I have a question.”
  • He raises an eyebrow to indicate he’s listening, but pretends his papers are suddenly interesting to offset the staring.
  • “When’s your birthday?”
  • “Which one?”
  • “What do you mean?” She decides she doesn’t really want to know because he’d spew a metaphorical answer, which would leave her with more questions than answers. “The day your mother birthed you.”
  • He opens his mouth.
  • Not Ketterdam. Your actual mother.”

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