happy birthday kari


Hey guys to me a favour - go send one of my absolute fav people lots of love. She has a birthday today and she is my sister, my friend, my editor, the Sam to my Dean, the bitch to my jerk and I love her so so much. 

Find her over at @blacktithe7 - read her stuff and if you don’t already follow her cause she is one hell of a writer! 


birthday graphic: happy birthday todaymakestwohundredandfiftyfive! this thing came in a little later than intended, but i hope you like it! c:

“Getting a second life is one thing. Making it a better life, that’s the trick.”

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“You say all those nobles would fight for my hand, but you’re wrong. They wouldn’t be fighting for me. None of them wants me. They want the princess. None of them want just Anna. None of them would carry me down a mountain, or run across the fjord, or, or sing stupid songs to me or hold me the way you do or make me feel the way you do. I love you,” she said fiercely.

Happy birthday @karis-the-fangirl! I commissioned @rain1940 to illustrate this moment from Show Me and I hope you love it.

Happy Birthday

Guess what, guys?

TODAYS’ KARINA’S BIRTHDAY! (@thing-you-do-with-that-thing)

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So, here are a few reasons why I love you and want everyone to love you:

  • you’re precious
  • your writing is amazing

  • you introduced me to Pondies!

  • you are always willing to help everyone

  • you’re cute

So, I hope you’re gonna have the best birthday ever, I love you so so much!

Guys, send Kari some wishes, okay?