happy birthday justin bieber


 AU: Justin wakes Y/n up so she could hear the remix. 

“This view is magnificent.” Somebody next to Y/n said. She was sitting on a rooftop watching a sun rise, admiring the unity of colours. “It really is. Just look at it. It looks like it should be in some museum, viewed by many and payed respect like it deserves.” Y/n said, never taking her eyes off of it.

The person next to her chuckled. “Big art fan huh?”

Y/n opened her mouth to protest that when she heard an annoying, buzzing sound in the distance. She looked down thinking it was her phone, but it wasn’t. She looked to her side to ask him if it was his, but she was alone.

When did he leave? She turned her head back to the sun rise, but it wasn’t there anymore. But the annoying sound was there, and it was getting only louder and louder.

There wasn’t a sun rise in her eye sight anymore because she was staring at the window. It was still dark outside and she wasn’t sure why she was up. She turned around, in order to proceed sleeping when she heard it again.

She turned around and looked at her nightstand. Yep, her phone was buzzing like crazy. She groaned and reached for it, only to see she had four missed calls, and twenty unread messages from her boyfriend.

Suddenly she panicked, she was no longer sleepy. She quickly opened the text and she almost threw her phone somewhere.

Babe I have exciting news.
Babe are sleeping?
Babe wake up
Hey my remix is out.
Mamacita get up.
Y/N, you better get that pretty ass out the bed and listen to it.
It’s so lit, you’re going to love it.
If you don’t replay in two seconds I’m calling you.
Alright then, call is it.
Sorry didn’t mean to yell.
But seriously, wake up.
Love of my life.
People are freaking out over my remix while you’re sleeping.
Pick up your phone, my remix is more important than your beauty sleep, which you btw don’t need.

She couldn’t believe him, he knew what time it is here and that she was sleeping. Although, she does understand how important it is for him that she is one of the first people to hear his music and to react to it, but this, in her opinion, was unnecessary. She would react to it anyway. Was it at 5 a.m. or 10 a.m.

Her phone buzzed again.


Justin, I swear to God, you are dead once I see you.

Just as she was about to write something more, her phone buzzed again to inform her that Justin was calling. She took a deep breath and answered the phone.

Before she even got the chance to bring the phone to her ear, she heard loud music in the background mixed with Justin yelling something.

“What?” Y/n asked when she finally placed her phone near her ear.

“I asked, did you listen to it?” Justin asked all hyped and excited.

And his excitement made her feel a little bit bad. She knows how much music he likes making new music, and all she wants to do is to be there for him and support him, even though it meant to get up at 5a.m. She should be honoured with how much her man care about her opinion, not complaining.

She sigh before she spoke. “No Justin I didn’t. I just woke up and read your texts. I didn’t have time yet, but I will.”

Her respond didn’t seem to decrease his happiness. In his happy, cute little voice, he said “Can you do it now?”

“Well I have to end the call if you want me to listen to it. I didn’t even buy it.” Y/n said with a little chuckle.

“No I wanna see your reaction.” Justin said happily.  

“Alright, I will end the call, buy the remix and then facetime you, how about that?” Instead of an answer, Justin hung up.

She looked confusingly at her phone, but laughed at his adorableness. She quickly logged into the iTunes and downloaded the remix.

She paused the song and quickly facetimed Justin. He picked up immediately, and she noticed that he was now somewhere in a separated room, away from all that noise.

“You look hot.” Justin said smiling at her while she blushed.

“I look more like a lion with my hair everywhere, God, are those bags under my eyes? Damn Justin I really will kill you.”

“Love you too. Now press play. I want to know what you think of it.”

“Whatever.” Y/n mumbled under her breath and giggled, he didn’t hear her but he giggled too.  

She pressed play. Her face immediately lighten up, she was already in love with the melody, even though she heard only seven second of it. Justin seemed to be pleased with her reaction because he smiled too.

Come on over in my direction, so thankful for that, it’s such a blessin’, yeah” When Y/n heard Justin’s voice her heart started beating faster. She must admit his voice sounded better than ever. “Wow babe.” It was all she could say.

“You like it? Wait, that’s not even the best part.” Justin said with the biggest smile ever.

“Shh, I want to hear the lyrics.” Justin smiled while she was focusing on what he was singing about. Suddenly his angelic voice was replaced by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. And the she realised, it was in Spanish.

Her body started dancing to the rhythm, not understanding a word but still enjoying it. And the she almost choked on her own spit.

She pressed pause and looked at Justin in shock. “WHAT THE ACTUALL FUCK?” her eyes were wide open, looking at Justin in disbelief.

Justin was confused by her reaction, he didn’t know how to take it, and just when he was about to ask her, she cut him off. “SINCE A WHEN DO YOU SPEAK SPANISH? WAIT, BUT THE WAY YOU SAID DESPACITO THO. LIKE DES-PA-CITO. I THINK I’M HAVING AN ORGASM.” Y/n said.

Justin laughed so hard, he couldn’t believe her. “You’re so adorable babe, but you only heard one word in Spanish and you are already freaking out.” He giggled. “Cutie.”

Before Y/n pressed play again she mumbled “What are you doing to me with your music.” Justin smiled and so did she.

When the music started again, she couldn’t stop smiling and moving her body to the beat. “Damn papi.” She said and Justin only laughed harder.

She proceeded to listen to the song and too soon it was over. She pressed play once again. She felt like getting out of the bed and dancing like a lunatic, but she stopped herself.

When the song stopped again she felt the urge to press play again but Justin stopped her. “So what do you think?”

She didn’t expect that question, didn’t he already get it she was in love with it?

“It’s okay I guess.” Y/n said, with straight face, only to mess with Justin. Justin’s smile dropped as he mumbled “Aha”. Her heart sank a little bit, but she wasn’t sure since when was he so stupid.

“Dummy, I loved it. Didn’t you get that by my reaction? But I am still mad you woke me up tho.”

Justin’s face light up again with the biggest smile. “I am glad, your approval is the only thing that matters to me babe.”

Y/n smile grew even wider. “Now tell me, what we’re you saying in Spanish?”

Y/n wasn’t sure if she saw properly, but she was damn sure he blushed. “Don’t tell me it’s something explicit and very dirty.” She paused “It better not be our sex life boy.”

Justin shook his head and laughed. “Nothing too explicit, but maybe a little bit sexual yeah. But not our sex life no haahah”

Y/n only became more interested about it now. “Well then, tell me.”

Justin took a deep breath before he started “So basically it means something like this; Slow, I wanna breath in your neck slow, let me tell you things in your ear, to keep me on your mind when I’m not with you. Slow, I want to undress you with kisses, sign the walls of your labyrinth and make your whole body a manuscript. Step by step, soft and soft, we are getting closer little by little.”

When Justin finished, Y/n didn’t know how to react. This was a whole new side of Justin. Maybe not completely new but still. It wasn’t usual for him to put that side of him into music.

But she only found the song hotter now, since she knew what he was saying.

“Damn Justin, I need holy water and Jesus after hearing that. I feel like I sinned.” Y/n chuckled.

Justin laughed and shook his head. “You’re so adorable babe. Anyway, get some sleep now, I will see you soon.”

Y/n nod and said “I am proud of you. Love you.”

“Love you too baby.”


“I think I felt like I lost my purpose for a while, but now I feel like I found my purpose. So now, I just feel like I wanna bring that hope to people and that light to say, ‘Hey you might have lost your purpose, or maybe you are searching for your purpose, but purpose is so important.’ I just want people to see that there is hope and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The best is yet to come ahead of you and not to dwell in the spot that you are in. Know that, ‘Hey, if Justin did it, then I could do it.’”


Justin’s Birthday Party(MATURE)

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The morning lights enlightened Justin’s gorgeous face. Y/n placed her body weight onto her right side and her right forearm, and observed his beauty.

His breathing was nice and slow, his left side of the face was darker, because of the lack of the sun, while his right side was brighter than my future, she thought.

She covered my mouth and chuckled, I totally stole that joke from Beliebers.

She looked over Justin’s shoulder to see it was already 10 p.m. She slept longer than she usually does, which typically wouldn’t be a problem, but today it’s Justin’s birthday and they’ve got a lot of stuff to do.

She turned around and grabbed her phone from the night stand, and of course she had five messages from Alfredo.

“So, did you arrange everything that I couldn’t last night?.”
“Y/n, where are you?”
“Y/n, this isn’t the day you should sleep in.”
“God damn it Y/n, wake the fuck up.”

“I am up, and yes I did arrange everything. When are you arriving?” She quickly typed. The plan for today is that Alfredo take’s Justin out for lunch, while she prepares everything for tonight’s party.

“I will be there in 10. Wake him up if you already haven’t.”

“Who are you texting this early?” Justin’s raspy voice scared her, and she jumped and her phone fell out of her hands.

She placed her hand over her chest, next to her heart “Geez Justin way to be subtle.” She smiled and looked over at Justin, who wasn’t sharing her happiness.

“Who are you texting?” He asked again clenching his jaw. She took a deep breath, if it wasn’t his birthday she would probably yell the holy hell out of him, but she won’t. But she really hates it when he gets jealous.

“Fredo, he’s gonna pick you up in ten, he said he wanted to show you something you will love. Didn’t want to tell me what it is.”

He looked at her and nod, then picked her phone and checked the clock. He put her phone on the night stand and he hovered over her, pushing her body against the pillows.

They gazed into each other eyes when Justin suddenly connected their lips. Y/n placed her hands around his neck, pulling him closer, getting more of him.

Their kiss started lightly, soon turning into deep, urgent kiss, his tongue in her mouth. His fingers traced the side of her body, stopping at her entrance.

Owing to the amazingly spent last night, there was no clothes to slow them down. He rubbed his fingers against her clit, teasing her entrance.

Y/n moaned into Justin’s mouth, separating their lips, catching some breath. His eyes never left hers as he rubbed his fingers firmly against her, making her wetter with every circle.

“Justin” Y/n whispered.

He pushed two fingers into her, rubbing her clit with his thumb. She moaned loudly, pushing her hips up, craving more.

“Justin. We shouldn’t.” Y/n whispered again in between the pumps of his fingers.

“Shh baby girl relax.” Justin whispered as he connected their lips once again, but this time into a slow kiss. But his fingers weren’t following the same pace. He pumped his fingers in and out, roughly, and fast.

“Justin.” Y/n moaned into his kiss. “Fredo will be here an—“ But she was cut off. He pushed his finger deeper and added another one. “I guess you must be quick then, baby girl.” Justin mumbled against her neck.  

Y/n moaned when Justin’s fingers picked the pace once again. He used his other hand to keep her hips down and spread.

Justin’s tongue trace all the way from her ear, down her neck, to her perky nipples. He took her nipple into his mouth, sucking it roughly.

Y/n closed her eyes, threw her head back and moaned loudly. She was close.

That’s when she heard a horn. Alfredo was in front of their house, waiting for Justin.

She opened her eyes, looking down at Justin, and just as she was about to say something his lips shut her. “Cum for me, baby girl. Relieve yourself all around my fingers.”

He pumped his fingers hared once he felt her clenching around his fingers and her release came soon after that.

He breathing was hard and deep. Justin brought his finger to his lips and licked them clean. “So sweet.” He mumbled.

Y/n pulled him closer for a kiss, not caring about the car horn, nor their phones ringing. “Happy birthday babe.” She mumbled against his lips and he smiled.

Justin broke the kiss and took Y/n’s phone and answered “I am coming man, calm down.”

Alfredo said something and Justin only chuckled and hang up. He kissed Y/n once more before he got off the bed and got dressed.

Y/n was stumbling across their house, trying to get from backyard to the kitchen to get some more drinks. On her way there, she was stopped by few of Justin’s friends, asking her dumb questions.

When she finally got into the kitchen, she grabbed the first bottle she could find and poured it into her glass. She wasn’t really caring what she was drinking, she was mixing whole night anyway.

“Y/n” She heard someone exclaim behind her back. She turned around and saw Madison. She was wearing black t-shirt, which expose more than enough and red lacy high skirt, with black high heels and gold necklace and rings.

“Mady” She exclaimed as loud as Madison did, throwing her hands around her. “Oh, how long I haven’t seen you.” Y/n said looking at her. “You look hot, girl.” Madison only laughed.

“If I am hot what are you then, boiling hot? Where did you get this dress girl, I want one like right now. ” Y/n laughed at her comment, when “Side by side” started playing. They both looked at each other and Madison took her hand and dragged her over to the dance floor.

It was their dance song and they never missed to swing their hips to the rhythm. Y/n took a sip from her cup, realising she poured whisky into her cup, but she appreciated the burn down her neck.

Madison pulled her closer, so they were grinding on each other. Y/n threw her cup onto the floor and grabbed Madison’s hips, swinging them and singing to the beat. They looked at each other and burst out laughing but never stopping.

Out of nowhere Y/n felt strong grip around her hips. Somebody pulled her hips back and she felt someone’s hard boner against her ass. “Justin” she said laughingly.

But his grip only became stronger. “I need you, now.” He growled into her ear and started dragging her into the bathroom. Las thing Y/n saw was Madison’s smirk before she turned around and started following Justin.

As soon as they reached the bathroom, and they were on the inside, Justin placed her on the sink and connected their lips. His lips and tongue moved roughly against hers.

He didn’t waste any time, he unzipped his pants, moved her panties aside and pushed himself into her. Thankfully the music was blasting and nobody could hear her screaming out his name.

Justin didn’t have any time for foreplay nor going slow. After first thrust he had to stop for a little bit, not only to pull her closer to the edge of the sink, but not too orgasm too soon at the feeling of her hot, wet and tight pussy.

He picked his pace and thrusted into her without mercy. Ever since the morning he wanted to feel her fully. To see her body, crave for more, her pushing herself onto him to feel more of him.

God only knows how he wanted to pin her down in the morning and fuck the shit out of her, so she wouldn’t be walking in this pretty heels right now, she wouldn’t be walking at all.

All morning with Alfredo he didn’t hear a sound from what he said, his mind was only focusing on this moment right here, and one the night before when he first made love to her, treated her like a princess which she is, and then fucked her roughly.

All he wanted all day was to spend it inside her.

Y/n was screaming out his name, with every thrust she was closer, her nails digging into his shirt even more and she spread her legs more.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” She screamed with every thrust.

“Cum Y/n, cum for me.” Justin spat while clenching his jaw.

Y/n screamed as she hit her climax, she tried to push her legs together but Justin was in the way. His orgasm followed hers, as he slowed his pace and she felt his hot cum filling her up.

Justin thrust in and out few more times before he took his dick out and zipped his pants. Y/n pulled him closer and kissed him, her hands finding his zipper.

“Where do you think you’re going? We are just getting started.” Justin smirked as Y/n’s hands unzipped his pants, pulling his dick out.

I wrote this on March 1, 2012…

“When you opened the eyes for the first time, a woman, very proud of you, deeply smiled and cried because you had come to the world. In this world, victories, failures, love, hate, anger, and everything you can imagine. Before you were born God had a purpose in his life so great, but so great, you had no idea, is not it? You can not imagine that something so grand and amazing would happen to you after a few years. The exactly eighteen years ago, you were born, bringing with you a contagious joy that could make anyone smile when I was sad. I know, I know your childhood was not one of the best and how we all, you also went through their problems. The separation of their parents was one of them, you were so tiny, did not quite understand things, but after a while I missed that relationship “Mom and Dad together.” I know this all hurt, but you managed to survive with he had and fought hard for everything. His mother was always by his side, no matter what there, his grandparents loved you so much and love you more today! Do you know why? Because you are a winner! Yes, Justin, you are a winner. God has given you obstacles, difficult paths, stones and more stones in your road of life … But he was sure of one thing: That you never back down. Everyone cheered a lot for you from the beginning, today, are seeing how much it’s worth fighting for so long, how much it was worth chasing truth, how much worth the wait. And I repeat again: You thought someday I’d be where you are? I think no one thought … but you did, little prince. Today, it is no longer so little and that’s why I’m here writing to you. You grew up, my angel and now no return! The responsibilities are greater, his view on things were different and everything will change, or just about almost everything. I know you are not alone, there are many good people on your side, who can protect you, welcome you when you need it most. I would like to thank his mother, Pattie, for being so strong when everything seemed to go so badly. Thank Scooter, to have found you and have not missed beaten, knowing that there, in that little boy, there was a great man. Thank all the people who insisted to the success came. I’m really grateful for all the good that is happening to you, and I know you know how to manage it all in stride. I wanted to say that this time, I am crying to say I’m very proud of you. Say that without you in my life today, I would have dreams and not believe them as I believe. I’m sure I’m one of the people who love you in this whole damn world. You have created a large family, Justin. 17 billion girls and boys are united because of you. Are you aware of what is it? 17 billion people? It’s so big… and you did it, by yourself. Sometimes I wanted to be in your body to see how it feels you feel, knowing that so many people love you and admire you. And suddenly you see yourself in this world, in an amazing world in which God has given you. God has given you a great gift and you use ta knowing perfectly. Justin, I wanted to wish you all the best, that every second of your life is unique for you, you know all enjoy a healthy, cheerful and happy way. You can enjoy the finer things in life. I ask God to take care of your steps, you’re free from harm’s way and take good care of you. Today, you complete another year of life today is his 18th birthday and this give me a pang … know that that little boy that I met 14 years, is now a man. I love you so much and I will still be able to realize my dream to look into your eyes and say how important you are to me. You are my life, Justin Drew Bieber. Happy Birthday for you”

Wow. Ok. Now I can’t even breath. I was younger so sorry for the mistakes lol btw… I don’t know exactly what to say because like… I’m still here through all over these years and I’m so proud of him like SO SO SO SO proud and I never know what I would do if I haven’t met him. I mean, not in person but you know… I believe that my turn will come someday, who knows. 

Justin Bieber, I’m here to wish you happy birthday and to tell you that I love you so much, you’re the best person in the world and I’m so proud of you. Look what we done, boo… just take a look. We are proud of each others. I’m sure. So… have an amazing day and enjoy your birthday, sweetheart. 

                          We all love you so much. Never forget!


Dear Justin, before wishing you I’d like to say, thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. I’ve watched you grow up into such a beautiful human being. I’m grateful for the person that you’ve become. You’ve had your ups and your downs. You’ve seen a lot in the past few years. But one message that you’ve made sure to send across is, you can always get back up no matter how hard you fall. Your talent leaves me speechless. Your beauty takes me back. Your nature warms my heart. Your wittiness spreads a smile across my face. I love you so much. You’re the best thing that has happened to me. It’s a new era for you, my love. I can’t wait to see you prosper more and more and achieve all good things in life. You might be still misunderstood, but that’s alright, people come around with time. Hopefully they’ll see beyond all the flaws, you’re still a gem beneath it all. It’s truly just the beginning of something absolutely great. My grammy award winning artist, I want to wish you a BIG 22nd birthday, my darling. I hope this year will be a journey you’ll always remember. I wish you all the best in life. Thank you for making my life so much better, thank you for making me believe and helping me found my purpose. I love you. Happy 22nd Birthday, Justin. ❤️🔥😘👑✨🍾🏡🎉💜

“Nobody Deserves This” Part 2.

“Alright, let’s see how much did your baby boy grew. Did you pick the name yet, Y/N?” Doctor Kate asked Y/n as she pressed the ultrasound transducer on her lower belly.

“No” Y/n’s answer was quick and short as she turned her head backwards, facing the monitor.

Soon her baby boy was seen on the screen and her heart beat immediately got quicker as a big smile took a place on her face.

“Here’s the heartbeat.” Doctor said and within the second Y/n could hear his fast heartbeat, it was like a song to her ears, and her smile only grew wider.

“He is one healthy boy. Let’s see his head. Yeah, okay, it’s growing perfectly, so are his arms and legs. Oh look at his little fingers.”

“It looks like he’s waving.”  Y/n said, looking at her baby. She couldn’t believe she was already seven months pregnant, it flew by like in a dream. It feels like only yesterday she found out, like only yesterday she was heartbroken but decided to move one.

“So everything is okay?” Y/n asked, just to be sure.

Doctor Kate smile and nodded. “Your baby is in perfect shape, he is perfectly growing and his organs are developing very well. Here, let’s just take few picture so you can take them home.”

“There you go, now you can wipe yourself off.” Y/n took the paper towels the nurse offered her and wiped herself off. She pulled her shirt down and got off the bed.

Doctor Kate was now sitting at her desk, filling the papers about her baby’s weight and all the important things.

Once she was done she, she looked up from her papers and gave Y/n her photos. “Here you go Y/n. Our next appointment will be in two week exactly, now don’t worry nothing is wrong and I am not keeping any secrets or anything. But since you entered your third trimester, we want to be very careful.”

Y/n nodded and took the pictures. She thanked the doctor and the nurse and left the office. Outside the doors her father was waiting for her.

As soon as she walked out he stood up. “And how is my grandson doing?” Y/F/N asked.

“The doctor said he is doing very well, everything is fine and I have an appointment in two weeks.” He nodded and they started walking out of the hospital.

As soon as they reached the doors they noticed the paparazzi. Since her breakup she wasn’t seen in public, she always hid, especially because of her baby.

She wasn’t sure how they knew she would be here. She turned around looking at her father with concern in her eyes. He knew exactly what caused that pain in her eyes.

He still didn’t know, Justin didn’t have a clue that he will become a father in less than two months. Twice he came by her house, but her parents didn’t let him anywhere near, especially her dad.

She decided not to tell him and would love to keep it that way. But if the take one picture of her now, he will see it, he will know, and then, only problems can start.

“Maybe I could go out through the back door, and you wait for me there?” Y/n asked with the tears in her eyes. If she ever had to tell him, which she would, she didn’t want it to be this way, even after everything.

“Y/N, sweetheart, you know they will follow my car and eventually see you. I mean we can try, but I am warning you, there is still a risk.” Y/F/N said.

Y/n nodded and said “Yeah, okay, I am going to go out through the back door and you wait for me there.” Her father only nodded and she started walking towards the back.

She passed few nurses giving her questioning looks, like they recognized her and when they saw her belly, theirs eyes widened out in shook. She started walking faster, not wanting to be stopped by anyone.

She could already imagine them tweeting as soon as they get home about her pregnancy and that only made her walk faster and put her head lower.

Soon she was at the back door and just like her father said, paparazzi followed his car and were now waiting either on him to answer the questions or her, or both.

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and breathed out. She found some courage deep down and pushed that door open.

When she opened the door nobody really paid attention, to what she was thankful. But as she took few more steps, some of them heard her and turned their head around like they were the predators and she was the pray.

In two steps they surrounded her and she was started to get anxious. She never dealt with anxiety, but now, not only her life was in danger but her baby’s was too. Soon her father stepped out of the car and pushed few people aside and grabbed her and pulled her towards the car.

When the car doors closed she could still hear their voices, asking her about Justin, the baby, is it his, does he know, what gender is it, when it’s your due.

She had to cover her ears as she put her head down. The car started and so did her tears. It wasn’t the first time she was mobbed, but she was never the center of it, now she was, and it felt awful. She only wanted to lay in her bed and watch Netflix.

Y/n felt her father’s hand on her shoulder as he tried to calm her down. Through the whole car ride she was crying, only now with her face in her palms.

Once the car stopped, she rushed out of the car, running towards the doors. Surprisingly her mother was already waiting there, with her arms open, which only could mean she was already on the news.

She threw herself into her arms and cried some more on her shoulders. Her mother carried her inside and sat with her on the couch.

“Shh, don’t cry honey, it’s not good for the baby. You have to calm down, I know honey, I know it’s hard, but there’s another life you have to think about now.”

Y/M/N said as she pat Y/n on her back, Y/n nodded into the crack of her neck and started breathing deeply. She didn’t need much to calm down.

“Now let me make you a tea while you put on anything you kids watch these days.” Y/n pulled away from her mother with a smile on her face. She loved how sometimes she couldn’t act more like a parent.

Her mother got up and made her way towards the kitchen while Y/n laid on the couch, pulling her favorite rose patterned blanked over herself, while she fondled her belly.

She could hear her father entering the house, but he proceeded into his office. But before he did he stopped at the doors and asked, “Better?” Y/n turned her head and nodded.

She went through Netflix and looked what she could watch now, in past few months she went through everything. And then “13 Reasons Why” popped up. She read the book and was the big fan of the author, but she wasn’t sure if it was the right time to watch it.

In the end she decided to watch The Vampire Diaries all over again. Her mother came back with the cup of her favorite tea. As she placed it on the table she said “I am going to be outside, in the garden. If you need something, your father is in his office, but you can always yell out for me too.”

Y/n nodded and turned her focus onto young Elena, who was in some way just like her. Innocent at the beginning before her life got flipped-turned upside down.

She was in the middle of the episode when the bell rang. “I got it.” She yelled before anyone could get the door. It was probably Michelle, she promised to come by today after she is done shopping.

The bell rang again, few more times and she got frustrated. “I am coming, Jesus.” She yelled as she made her way towards the doors.

As she opened them she froze in place. There wasn’t Michelle, no he was there, standing furious. “Justin?” that was all she could say. She could feel the knot forming in her throat, she wasn’t able to breather and she had to swallow the tears.

“So when were you planning on telling me?” His voice was low, steady but threatening and furious. Y/n moved away from the doors, letting him in. Since it was time to have an adult conversation, she didn’t plan on having it on her doors.

He quickly stepped in and with two steps he was inside the living room, turning around to face her. “I want answers, now.” He demanded.

Y/n walked pass him and sat down on the couch, she showed him to sit on the sofa across her. She was scared to have this conversation, many times in her head she had it, but it never turned out right, and it was never easy.

“What do you want to know?” Y/n asked with the tears in her eyes, looking him in his eyes. “Is it mine?” Justin asked.

She wanted to get up and punch him in his face how much this question angered her. “Who else’s would it be? I am not the one going around sticking my dick into other people cunts.” Y/n raised her voice.

She could tell Justin wasn’t expecting that kind of answer, nor that kind of tone, but it still annoyed him. “I apologized didn’t I? You were the one that-”

“Oh yeah I am sorry, you apologized, well how rude of me. I mean that should be enough to fix a broken heart or soul. I mean I am so sorry.”

“Y/n don’t start again. I told you I was sorry.”

“And I told you I couldn’t see you again.”

“But I am not the one hiding our child from you.”

Y/n was surprised. “Oh it’s our child now? What did the brunet left you? Where you too much for her? Or did she just realized what you actually are?”

Justin took a deep breath, visibly annoyed. “Y/n please, can we leave that behind, just for now? Yes I cheated, and if I could take back time I would and I would slap myself across the face as hard as I could, or I would have anyone else do it for me. But please can we focus on the baby.”

“Yes we can, but don’t act like it wasn’t your fault ever again, or like I made you do it or anything remotely like that. This baby is a boy, seven months old, supposed to be delivered on 29th of June. He is healthy as he can be.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Justin whispered.

Y/n took a deep breath. “You have to understand me, I know it’s not right from me to take away your right of knowing about him or later taking care of him. But I just couldn’t push myself to hear your voice nor see your face. You hurt me Justin, deeply hurt me and I just couldn’t run back to you. It was too hard.”

Justin run his hand through his hear, inhaling deeply. “I can’t say I am okay with that, but I understand you. But you have to know, from now on, I want to be as included as possible. I want to go the doctor’s appointments with you. I want to be there when he is born and I want to be there while he is growing up, as much as I can. Because I know how that feels.”

Y/n had to swallow her tears as she nod. Her body tensed up as she felt the well-known kick. She smile “Come here.” She said and Justin quickly got up and sat next to her.

She took his hand and placed it on her belly, and soon she could feel another kick and another. Justin’s face lighted up and he looked into Y/n’s face, she shyly smile but looked away. Too much memories and too much pain to be forgotten nor forgiven.

Part One

Part two as i promissed. 


“My name is Justin”

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber

Okay, holy shit I don’t think I’m okay with you being 20 but its okay because as you grow up, I grow up with you. I’m never going to forget when I first saw your baby video (wow that was 2010) and my parents told me “you like Justin Bieber” and I shyly blushed and claimed I didn’t, but once I went to school I showed off my belieber pride. During 2012 I was in a haze and I was so out of the celebrity news, but I came back in the midst of a stressful 2013 after remembering how much I truly adore you and I’m so glad I did, despite the difficulties. I will always support you and will always love you and even though you do stupid things and piss me off sometimes, I love you and I can’t stay mad at you for more than an hour. I know it’s been difficult lately, but I know it will get better for you and I’m going to cry because with these fetus gifs I refuse to believe that you are 20 and this age difference keeps growing. I have to end this corny, so despite the age difference when im 18 and you’re 25, call me ;)

 Happy 20th Birthday, Justin Bieber!

I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve done and accomplished these past few years. 2014 didn’t start off too well but all of us believe in you and know that it will get better from this moment on. If the world focused more on the amazing things you do for your fans and the people surrounding you every day then they’d understand why you have so many people there for you and supporting you through the good and bad. We will always be here for you and I hope you have an amazing birthday and you focus on yourself instead of worrying about making others happy because you deserve it more than anyone. I love you.