happy birthday justin bieber


Packs maravilhosas pro aniversário do Justin!! Nem acredito que meu bolinho tá fazendo 23 anos… quero muitos likes em!! ❤



Special: Justin’s 24 birthday wallpapers

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36 years ago today, Miss Britney Jean Spears was welcomed into the world. After bursting onto the pop scene in late 1998 with the now-classic, “…Baby One More Time,” Britney would go on to solidify herself as a music and pop culture legend releasing two diamond-certified albums and hit-after-hit. She has redefined what it means to be a pop star and has time and again proven herself to be stronger than yesterday.

She has sold over 105 million albums worldwide, is the most searched woman since the creation of the internet, the 2nd most photographed woman of all-time, and has garnered 117 cumulative worldwide #1 hits.

The pop world would be a fraction of what it is today had Miss Britney not released iconic bops such as “Toxic,” “If U Seek Amy,” “Oops!…I Did It Again,” and many many more. We are so grateful to see her smiling and happy and enjoying pop stardom again. Happy birthday Britney, may this next year be your best one yet!


is it really march 1, 2017???? making justin drew bieber 23?? and making myself be a fan of his lousy ass for 7 fucking years? im shook. in disbelief. happy birthday to the man who causes me so much grief, emotion but shout out because he (barely) knows my existence!!! kudos to you for distracting me from college work and for making me barely functioning in the real world. but honestly i hope this year is filled with so much love and happiness you damn fool. i can’t wish this old ballz enough fullness and genuine bliss an to have a fabulous birthday. im happy to have been a fan for so long, god knows it wasn’t easy!! love ya lots ya old fart. be happy babe, 23rd never looked better xx

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo haley


I did these gifs, with all my favorite moments of Ashley Tisdale’s life.
She is amazing, and beautiful.
I’ve always admired she, and I see growing in front of my eyes.
She is my role model
I am so proud of the person and woman who has become.

She made me laugh in Suite Life, and I love seeing her Sharpay Evans in High School Musical.
She is a perfect drama queen PINK, and I love her so much.
I hope that in the future will have much more success, and i hope this day Ashley is with her family and parents, and this day is more full of joy and happiness.