happy birthday junjin


The Shin-Family celebrates Junjin’s Birthday:

Shinhwa Company:
[From the Admin] 19 Aug Happy birthday to Junjin!!
You’re celebrating it with your pretties so have an even happier birthday!

[De l’admin] 19 août Joyeux Anniversaire à Junjin !!
Tu le célèbre avec tes jolies donc ait un anniversaire encore plus joyeux !

Livevorks Company:
19 Aug 2017!
Happy birthday to Junjin and hope you have have an enjoyable time with the fans at Radio Days

19 août 2017 ! 
Joyeux anniversaire Junjin et nous espérons que tu auras un merveilleux moment avec les fans au concert/meeting Radio Days

[Choongjae Day] 아름다운 전진님의 8세 생신을 경하드리옵니다! 앞으로도 고운 자태 뽐내시며 밝게 멋지게 건강하시옵소서! 비록 땀에 약한 전진님 여름에 태어나셨지만 오늘은 ㅇㅃㄴㄷ님의 축하와 사랑 안에서 시원하고 행복한 생일보내시옵소서! 오늘은 충재데이❤️

Cr: English Translation by malpabo


i know.. it’s already the 20th of August.. but i still have this JunJin Hang-over..


to this handsome maknae who made me stare at my screen breathlessly every time he does that sexy look..

to the one who made me cry to infinity while watching guerrilla concert..

to this man who’s a dancing machine by nature..

to this person who can be fatally funny and at the same time become randomly serious at any moment..

to the precious one who saves the atmosphere by his authentic variety skills..

my love for you is overwhelming that i cannot even call you my bias..


and just like that, i’d like to tell you belated Happy Birthday!!!

while asking myself why are you not my bias.. :)))

(in picture)

Junjin: Andy ah
Junjin: Andy ah
Junjin: Happy birthday in advance haha
Junjin: Love you haha
Andy Newest: Thank you

HAPPY ANDY DAY 🍾🎉🎊🎁ㅋㅋ #AndyAhILoveYouYouYouㅋ##LetsBeHappyForeverㅋ💖💖💖💖💖💖##TodayIsAndyDayㅎ🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒##PrettiesPleaseGiveLotsOfWellWisheswㅋLOVESONG😘😍👍👍👍👍👍👍#

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