happy birthday jung yunho!


0602 - Happy Birthday Jung Yunho!!

 Dear Yunho, you are one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever ‘met’ ( maybe,hopefully, one day in person too). Your undying optimism, enthusiasm and determination to look at this world with love and compassion is what also gets me going. You’ve been through so much, too much for some, things that would make any other person broken and bitter, but it only makes you stronger and more understanding and more generous. Your mind is sharp and strong, but your heart stays pure and filled with love. This world does not deserve you and yet I feel blessed to be alive at the same time as you and be your witness. Stay amazing. Stay healthy and happy!


cha·ris·ma /kəˈrizmə/

  • compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others // synonyms: charm, presence, personality, force of personality, strength of character;
  • a divinely conferred power or talent;

 happy birthday my little ray of sunshine, jung yunho! i love you to the red ocean and back c: // you are probably the kindest man i’ve ever known and that’s just one among this endless list of reasons to love and adore you, as well why you inspired me. i love how you always take care of your members and now you are alone with changmin, you always dot on him. i love how you put your passion and devotion in everything you do. i love how you are always so humble, despite you being a great senior and how people compliment you. // being a leader is not an easy job, especially when you got that title when you were just a teenager. but you’ve been leading all your members (that changed to a little brother now) and your fans for the past twelve years, and you’ve done such a good job. i really think you are the best leader, and will always be c: // it’s still more than a year before you come back, i wish you health and great success in the army. come back to us with a smile soon! ♡ 


“I knew you were trouble from the moment I saw you;
And still, I just couldn’t look away…”

Yunho is a Bad Boy. And Jaejoong is playing with fire… again.

“Troublemaker” - Yunjae! ^///^

(Happy Birthday, my sweet Jae-Bae; Yunho’s Jaejoongie and our Beautiful Shinning Star! May you never forget how loved you are.)


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