happy birthday johnny cade

Dallas Winston Birthday Headcanons

- Nobody knew Dally`s birthday for a long time because he kept demanding it wasn`t important and to “shut the fuck up ‘bout it.” 

- He`s a brownie man not a cake man what can I say

- Johnny always gives him his gift in private so it`s more special 

- Tim gets (steals) him really expensive alcohol and Dally drinks it with Pride™

- Dally lowkey misses Coney Island, he use to spend his birthday there every year in New York 

-  He`s that one friend that INSISTS celebrating is pointless because it just means you`re getting older

- Makes unsympathetic comments like “Ya call this a gift?” but secretly highly appreciates it

Cheesy Nights (Darrel X Reader)

Request from anon: “Can I get a date night with Darry imagine pls”

i have a couple of requests/ships that i got before this but i did this one first because it’s Darry’s birthday so a huge sorry if i haven’t gotten to your ask yet!! anyway, happy birthday to milk Darry Curtis ((: also i was planning to post this wayyy earlier but i was busy and i forgot to queue it /:

Tik tok. Tik tok.

You sighed as you saw the clock strike ten. He was supposed to have dinner with you at eight. 

You bit the inside of your cheek as you started to eat the meal you had prepared, deciding to not wait for him anymore.

It must’ve been at least forty minutes later, when you were finished eating and had started cleaning the dishes, when you heard the door open. You knew it was him, but you kept your attention on the dishes.

“Hi honey,” Darry hugged you from behind and placed a kiss on your cheek. “I know I’m late, but I was caught up at work. I took some extra hours.”

You dried your hands and sighed, turning around to face Darry. “it’s okay, I was just really hoping we could finally have a nice little date, even if it was at home.”

“I know, Y/N, and I’m sorry for that, it’s just that, well we’re tight on money-”

“Darry, I know, and I understand, I was just really looking forward to tonight. But it’s okay, it really is,” You added when you saw Darry frown. “Sit down, I made dinner. It’s probably cold by now, but I can heat it up if ya want?”

“If it ain’t too much trouble.”

“For you, nothing’s too much trouble.” You smiled cheesily at him and put the chicken back into the oven, sitting down in front of Darry and asking how his day had been.

You stayed quiet as he shoveled down the food and thought for a while. You really had been looking forward to that night, you had even gotten Pony and Soda to stay in their room for the rest of the night as to not bother you and Darry. You understood though, so you didn’t mention anything to him.

He must’ve noticed something was up, for he momentarily stopped eating and looked at you. “How ‘bout I make it up to ya? I don’t have to get to work until late tomorrow, maybe noon. We can stay up late and watch any movies that are on right now. Probably not the best movies, but it’s something, ain’t it?” He asked hopefully.

You smiled. “That’d be very nice, Darrel.”

As soon as he finished, you two went to the living room and cuddled up on the couch as a comedy show played. 

You and Darry did stay up that night, but not watching whatever was on tv; you two talked for hours and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It might not have been the date night you were expecting, but it was definitely one you found special.

jsbcbdhd this was so cheesy and bad omg. i’m so sorry i basically rushed through this trying to make it in time for his birthday(i missed it anyway fml). i hope y’all still enjoyed this

It seems like everyone's birthday is today but it also seems that everyone is forgetting one very special important one.

Happy Birthday to my favourite Greaser Johnny Cade

I know this is late but I love you Johnnycakes you little beauty you

(plus you’re a pisces like me :) )

(credit to the pour soul i stole this gif from sorry it was the best one i could find :) )

pxnyboys  asked:

Happy birthday, Johnnycake.

     They still remembered him.

    His friends still cared. He was eternally sixteen, and they still took the time to think about hi every now and then. If he had been there, really actually, he would have put his head down between his shoulders and mumbled a shy little thanks. He’d have been embarrassed, maybe, he’d have cried a little when nobody was watching. The last birthday he got to have, he woke up to his father talking about how worthless he was, and a kick in the ribs.

    Johnny Cade stood there, a few inches away from his old friend, and smiled. He’d gone his whole life secretly believing they’d all be better off without him. If he could change anything, he wouldn’t. Not anymore. Because if he wasn’t alive, maybe Pony wouldn’t be either. If it meant reliving years of abuse, he’d do it for his friends, because nobody was given the love that he’d been given. Greasers loved harder than anybody, and that was the truth.

    Ponyboy remembered his birthday. After all these years, he still remembered. Johnny took a step closer and he wrapped his arms around his old friend in a strong hug. 

                                      Thanks, man.