happy birthday jes!

interstellar, a zodiac series: 5/13
joshua hong / hong jisoo



Now the French time, huehue joyeux anniversaireuuuuh ça fait tout pété de le raconter en français BREUF j’ai adoré Animal Squad (GROS SMOOCH POUR RABBITCRY JE PLEURE IL EST FLUFF) donc je sais que ça vaut pas un beau cadow en papier mais c’est en attendant  profite bien de ta journée COOKIE ;D <3


Happy birthday Vanessa Chantal Paradis! (December 22, 1972)

“I wish to grow old naturally, and I hope to be a woman who still has her child’s eyes. It doesn’t matter how many wrinkles you have. You still have an interest in life and in people and they can see that light in your face.”


Jes: Alright Andy Fucking Gray - It’s Your Fucking Birthday - so sit back and enjoy. 


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Happy birthday to our soccer prince!! 

You gained your wings  at the comeback in 2012 and became the force once again in NEWS. Here’s to all of these years!! I hope you continue to achieve your dreams one at a time, and that all the wishes you could ever want come true. Happy 28th birthday ; w ; I love you <3 

Other birthday wishes:

  • I still think your name sounds like tamagotchi. happy bday. - Nezy
  • happy birthday Tesshi <3 - @morimocchi
  • Happy birthday Tegonyan ずっと ずっと 君が大好き - Ryoki_W
  • Happy birthday you little shit - runni17
  • Happy birthday beautiful brat - @the-dead-moustache
  • Happy birthday Tegoshi! Thank you for being the beautiful face that got me interested in News, and thank you for introducing me to my best friend <3 I hope it’s a good one, little shit @katoxshigeaki

I did a drawing for my friend ilyafay because it was her birthday ! Thank you for being such a nice and beautiful friend ! ♥ 

(Btw I’m so sorry I’m laaaaate D: But I really wanted to draw you something !)