happy birthday jack kirby

The comic book came from evolvement - the editorial comic was first, then they added a few panels to that and they had the comic strip, then they added a few pages to that and they had the comic book. And what we could add to the comic book… we may have to think about that. That’s the interesting part of the entire field - is to say, ‘what is it’, 'where is it going’? We experiment with that every day.
—  Jack Kirby
Happy Read Comics in Public Day!

Today is Jack Kirby’s birthday and Read Comics in Public Day. The former was created by Jack’s parents, the latter by Brian Hatcher on a website called The Daily Hatch.

The day is lets comics lovers share their love of comics by reading them in public.

For a few years I celebrated by creating a Tumblr devoted to women reading comics in public. Ah, the old days in 2010 when people didn’t think women read comics.

Here’s a look at those celebrations:

The original

The follow up (which was during the hurricane)

The third

I really loved coordinating these because I love comics and love to see the vast range of women who love them too. Go take some time to flip through those sites - I still get a thrill looking at them.

So go celebrate the day by taking a selfie of yourself reading a comic … in public … and post it because are some people out there who think women and comics = unicorns.

There’s a twitter tag #readcomicsinpublic on Twitter. 

Tag here using #womenreadcomicsinpublic here!