happy birthday ibuki!!

  I don’t want to use Chiaki icons, because that’d be confusing, but I’m in an AI Chiaki Nanami kinshift (after finally kinfirming her) and even though I’m not ready to fully end my break, I will get started on those “positivity messages” right away. Once again, I am very, very sorry for the lateness.

  Also, I’m not sure if Mod Chiaki celebrates kin birthdays, but,, since I like to, happy birthday to me, Mod Chiaki, and all Chiaki Nanami and Chihiro Fujisaki kins out there. I hope this birthday is kind to us all. ♡

— Mod Ibuki, who will use Sonia icons for Chiaki kinshifts

罪木ちゃんおめでと~~! by ゆあいち/れキ | Pixiv ID 1771258

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