happy birthday ibuki!!

罪木ちゃんおめでと~~! by ゆあいち/れキ | Pixiv ID 1771258

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Tsubasa: Do you know what day today is? Actually…it’s my birthday! Let’s celebrate!

Julia: I’ll respond to any request!
Mizuki: I shall join you. …Happy Birthday, Ibuki-san.
Shizuka: Birthday udon at 18:00~
Mirai: I wanna have some!
Miki: Congratulations, nano~

Fun facts:

  • Julia, Mizuki, and Tsubasa performed as a unit together in the manga. Julia took an unfinished song and finished it for Tsubasa to sing, which is now known as アイル (“Aisle”). Aisle has origins from ile/aile, the latter of which is French for “wing”. Tsubasa = wing.
  • Mirai, Shizuka, and Tsubasa are basically the main trio of Million Live.
  • Miki is often seen as the senpai character for Tsubasa. Tsubasa greatly looks up to Miki, if only for her extreme popularity. Miki doesn’t really outwardly acknowledge Tsubasa that much, though.