happy birthday hunni

On this day, thirty nine years ago, the world became a happier place. The sun shone a little brighter, the birds chirped a little more sweetly. The world became a better place because you were in it. There is no one that has met you that will disagree with that statement. Happy birthday hunny. I love you.


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Happy Birthday hunny. You are treasure. Thank you for being you. With much love M.Oli💋





Ty sis, truly. I’m a hot mess but I appreciate you, always.


… okay I’m going to bed now frfr

For @archistratego; happy birthday, hunny. Thank you for being with me all this time. You are a wonderful friend and I adore you. Also, I tried for happy? It might not have worked but I tried, I swear. Have a wonderful day.

He loves me, he loves me, he loves me.

Sigyn repeats those words over and over again, even as the stories come of her husband. The plays and tricks, the lies and subterfuges, the many hurts he weaves around his figure (that he tries to keep from her, she knows, she knows, but Skadi always sits by a corner of the Asgardian hall and her eyes are thunder and storm smashed into ice). The Goddess is not a fool. Her eyes follow wounds and wince at the honeyed lies but he is her husband. He is her Love. To turn from him would be to turn from her Self.

He loves me, he loves me, he loves me, she sings to herself, again and again as people stay back. Her lovely children are being judged, his terrible ones are jailed and writhing against stone shackles, his giantess weeping blood tears at her loss, his wife sitting alone in a Hall filled with people because their hatred for him is slowly sweeping onto her.

“My Lady. You should not be alone.”

No, she should not. But she is. Loki is away, dancing his old tricks and she stays (of course she does, Sigyn is Loyalty, she is steel and silver and gold, all wrapped up in an immortal cage which stays upright even when the waves beat against her. She is Steadiness and Pain and Strength and she will weather the storm).

Someone touches her then, lightly at first, gaining strength when Sigyn does not push him away. Who else would come, she wonders, who else would bother? The man had tried to take her away. He had offered her a bleeding heart and safe harbor but it had been too late. Her eyes had been overtaken by a Light and she would look no further to the darkness beneath.

Oh, why was this man so kind?

Sigyn raises her eyes to Heimdall, standing tall and true by her side, his heavy hand upon her shoulder and her heart cries out in pain and appreciation as she understands the answer to her unasked query.

He loves me, he loves me, he loves me.

TITLE: Happiness

SUMMARY: Shikamaru learns that he loves his life even more on the day of his birthday.


A/N: Hello! Just here posting a short story for Shikamaru on his birthday!!! He is like the ultimate BABE!! Like, seriously! I just love him so much!!!!


Nara Shikamaru was a man of many things that he found troublesome. He became Chunin without ever trying, became team leader in every mission without even asking for it, and also became a secretary for the Hokage without ever thinking about the position before. But to make it even more troublesome, he married a woman that was the total opposite of his ideal girl and even produced a what-his comrades-called; a duplicate of himself. Nevertheless, he loved his life and his family choice because he thought no one could have it better than he did.

So when his 30th birthday came around, Shikamaru did not expect much from anyone close to him. He didn’t mind that all he got that morning before going to work was a ‘Happy Birthday, Hunnie,’ and a ‘Good morning, old man,’ from his wife and son. He learned to treasure the littlest things.

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2012.11.06. Happy birthday, Kris

Thank you for always working hard.

Thank you for always being such a great leader and taking care of other members.

Thank you for always taking care of us, the fans.

Thank you for always smiling. Thank you for breathing. Thank you for being you, Kris.

I’ve never been into anyone like you. I don’t know if it’s too much to say that I can’t live a day without seeing your face. When I first saw you, I thought you were a very cold guy. But gradually, since I join the fandom, I’ve learned so many things about you. There are no words can describe how precious you are. You are such a warm-hearted person. You are talented. You are sweet. You are always honest. You are humble.  and you’re a buing buing king. It’s just like everything about you is PERFECT. You’ve been working so hard and you’ve always tried your best to make people you love proud of you. I’m glad that you are being successful with your 11 brothers.

Kris, I hope your birthday will be fulfilled with a lot of happiness. You are the best and you deserve all the best things in this world.

I will always love and support you no matter what happens