happy birthday howl!!!!

You who swallowed a falling star…your heart shall soon be mine.

-Witch of the Waste, Howl’s Moving Castle

Happy flippin’ birthday, @dragonpigeons!!!

May you spread your wings and shower happiness upon all those you love, just as Howl did with Sophie. Thank you for being a great Jeh Jeh to me and @anandinair! We love and adore you so much. Cheers to the new year! Fly high, Pidge!

Oh gosh I know your bday was a bit ago and that I already wished you a good one but I still couldn’t get the want to draw a pic for ya outta my head! I’m happy with how this turned out and I always find your short haired Rachael adorable! I do hope that you did have a good bday tho!!
And the masked man is saying gruffly yet gently “Happy birthday, kiddo~”


im dying this is it this is me dying i have reached 100% bliss. critical mass. Thank you i love it so much this is so good!

happy birthday, Hayao Miyazaki - he is one of the master filmmakers of the last thirty-plus years, creating some of my favorite animated films, like Castle in the Sky, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Porco Rosso, Spirited Away and my personal favorite, Howl’s Moving Castle. The Wind Rises may be his swan song, but given the critical praise it has gotten, I’m sure it is the right note to end on. Happy 71st, Hayao!

Today is @owl-howl birthday, so go and give them lots of love! Because they are truly amazing and nice person and a great artist (literally, if you haven’t seen their art, check it out!) ♥

Owl, I’m so glad that we are in the same team, you give everyone an incredible support and joy from talking with you, and you always support my ideas and help me with this damn lighting xD And we have a lot in common, so it’s your turn to have a day of compliments! Here a hug for you from Dan and Phil (ha-ha, congrats on getting Phil’s attention recently too!), and a friendlove from me~

А еще я не знаю, почему все это пишу на английском :D Лол.