happy birthday hiroto



“My guitar is my life partner”

So I did this Hiroto x guitar gifset. Its been 3 years for me as an A9 fan and a Hiroto biased as well. I really admire Hiroto’s passion for music specially that love for guitars. I haven’t seen someone as geek and passionate as him when it comes to his guitar(s). For me he’s the best, the cutest and sexiest guitarist out there. Keep playing the guitar and making good music together with A9! 

Love you 

Looks like I’ll have to get an early start tomorrow morning so I’ll be going to bed early tonight. Thank you for this year, and now, I’m taking one step forward into a new year, huh? I’ll be seeing a new me, one I haven’t met yet. If, along the way, I see myself from a year ago, I’ll say this one thing: ‘I’ll be waiting for an amazing year!’
—  Hiroto, twitter, for his birthday, 12.5.4

GUYS GUYS !! It is hiroto’s birthday today ! It’s been about a year since i wrote anything for anyone’s birthday , but this is hiroto so it is different … I honestly don’t know what I should write , but the only thing that crosses my mind at this moment is wanting to thank hiroto and alice nine , for giving me the smiles and memories and the happy moments and the beautiful songs they have given me during these past 5 years !! Hiro-pon is my bias , and honestly he holds a really special place in my heart and forever shall , i look for him in all the people I meet , because hiroto is love … I just wanna thank him for all the things he’s always doing for us fans , for his presence in our lives , his passion towards music and for always smiling and giving us something to cheer up about … WE LOVE YOU PON !!