happy birthday hagakure

合志《完全希望手冊》个人part by エリカ | Pixiv ID 2518120

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rozalynfrozen  asked:

Guys I have birthday today. Can I get wishes from Togami and Kirigiri since I like them the most? Someone Else also can give me these wishes if they want.

Sorry for the wait, I think the day of your birthday has already passed but I still want to wish you a happy birthday.

Me too, I hope you had a great time celebrating it. Happy birthday.

Yes I want to wish you a-

Happy birthday !!


Happy birthday to Hagakure!! 

so heres a lil something about her crush giving her a present and asking her out on her birthday~

“Hagakure, I-I think you’re really cute- well I can’t really see you, b-but you act and dress really cute and you’re really nice and pLEASE GO OUT WITH ME!” you panicked and raised your voice at the end of your sentence, arms extended out to hand her her birthday present. Your nerves were slowly spiking up as silence followed your exclamation. The fact that you couldn’t see her facial expressions made it worse.

You release a sigh of relief when you hear her squeal in delight, taking the present from you and jumping about. “YES YES I WOULD LOVE TO.” She answered back just as loudly as you had asked her.

infamypervert  asked:

"Happy birthday Hagakure!!" The small boy cheers, "Hey you know, I heard you were pretty interested in Kaminari's magazine collection --" Awaits for his fellow classmates to drag him away.

          ♡ —- @infamypervert !

     “ thank you,  mineta! “ the girl laughed,  picking him up.  she proceeds to take him over to her open window and toss him out from the third floor.