happy birthday hagakure


Happy Birthday to the talented, kind and simply amazing Kali!!! @cosmicloveoftheages

I hope you’re spending the day just the way you want to, surrounded by love, happiness and warmth. ^^

合志《完全希望手冊》个人part by エリカ | Pixiv ID 2518120

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rozalynfrozen  asked:

Guys I have birthday today. Can I get wishes from Togami and Kirigiri since I like them the most? Someone Else also can give me these wishes if they want.

Sorry for the wait, I think the day of your birthday has already passed but I still want to wish you a happy birthday.

Me too, I hope you had a great time celebrating it. Happy birthday.

Yes I want to wish you a-

Happy birthday !!


((Sorry if it’s not the best writing! It’s sort of my first time writing this stuff!))

Imagine if Hagakure’s hair became this tangled, mess (well, more than usual) give or take after a few months, and you’re just staring at him like “CUT YOUR HAIR JESUS CHRIST”.  However, he’s like super hesitant to cut it because that would ruin his fortune telling image; so you just tell him to wash it or something and make it look like this weird, mysterious wavy hair and that would probably attract more customers than the porcupine look he’s currently rocking. Finally, after a week of this argument, he agrees to the idea.

The next day, while you’re going out shopping, you get a phone call from him. “Hey! You gotta come over and check this out, dude!” he yells enthusiastically. Having nothing really any better to do, you do as he says and walk to his house. But when you open the door- this really attractive tan guy- like really attractive- with long, luscious locks comes to greet you. “So, what do ya think?” he says in a familiar voice. It takes you a minute to realize that it’s Hagakure but you don’t even care anymore because by the end of the afternoon you’re in his house making out with him, fists in his beautiful hair.