happy birthday hadley


“She has a very level head on her shoulders. She has an amazing sense of humour and a good sense of humour about herself, which is always helpful in our profession. She has a good self-knowledge.”-Michael Grandage.
“She is a totally natural actress who can open a window for the audience. Through her eyes she conveys a rich inner life, full of emotion” -Ralph Fiennes
“When they were filming, she came to dinner several times and we talked and we talked. I thought: ‘What is she going to make of me?’ But she is a method actress and when I saw her on screen in those first shots when she arrives at the party I was just astounded. I thought ‘she’s stolen my personality!’” -Jane Hawking
“She was the sweetest, polite, brightest little girl you can imagine […] The nice thing was even with her early success, she wasn’t at all affected by it. It would have been very easy, particularly at that age, to act the star, but that was never the case.” -Colin Edwards
Happy 33rd birthday Felicity Rose Hadley Jones!

Happy Birthday, Hadley!!



I remember watching my brother as Bernardo in our school production of West Side Story and being thrilled by the orchestra during the Dance at The Gym. I mean, this was a school band so probably not threatening the Philharmonic - but when the congas came in prior to the Mambo I thought to myself, “I want to have a go at that”. 

Happy 35th birthday, Hadley Fraser!  °˖ ✧◝( *´∀`*)◜✧˖ °


HAPPY, HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY, NIEL! I can’t believe how fast you’re growing up! I hope you have a wonderful day because you truly deserve it! I am so incredibly proud of the amazing young man you have become. You are the one of the most talented, positive, sweetest, silliest, and hardworking people I know and I am so thankful for your birth! Thank you for always inspiring me and making my days brighter than the star you are yourself! Wherever life may take you, I hope you are always blessed with all the happiness, success, and health in the world, lil’ fishie! :) Take care and have fun celebrating your special day! I will love and support you always and forever! 

-Lots of love, Hadley

text: Jon Bollocks
  • Hadley: i love you so much and i'm so happy to be your favorite cousin (and your favorite ride or die). i hope you have a bangin day and the best birthday ever bc you deserve it. you're always there for me and i can assure you that i'll always be there for you as your #1 supporter through everything. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN and i'll give you your present next time i see you ok ok

151005 ||  happy 23rd birthday, prince chunji! ♛

i cant believe another year has gone by of you gracing this earth with your angelicness. my beautiful, flawless lee chanhee- you are a ray of beaming light, whether it comes to your soothing voice, your infectious smile, or the affection you show to your fans & your members. i hope  today is full of cake and more chardonnay with your loved ones by your side~ im still anticipating your solo ballad debut so i can listen to your songs on repeat all day long & be moved to tears :’) thank you for working so hard and sharing your talent with us. i love you my sweet prince chunji! happy birthday~