happy birthday gurl!!!

#7DaysofPeebs || Day 7 - The Birthday Gurl!

Happy Birthday to the wonderful meme queen and an inspiration to us all, AMY!!! keep being yerself boo! love ya! <3


rosevibe4  asked:

so since it's your 20th birthday ! i'd say something for you to remember... i'm so fucking glad i could know you in your 13th birthday ❤️ 2010 was a blessed year that lets me met you in that school, that class when i was pushing some chair 😂 before that year i hadn't known the feeling of having a sister ❤️ you were there in all my days. some good things of me are because of you Asma'a ❤️ i couldn't ask for more ❤️ Happy birthday GURL ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2017.

يا الله كرسي المتوسط😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ عشان تعرفي اني اراقب تحركاتك من زمان😏😂 ، احلى اخت والله واحلى صحبة واكثر شخص افتخر اني عرفته وغيرت فيه وغيّر فيني كثير للافضل ، احلى ايام عشناها سوى في ٧ سنين وان شاءالله السنين الجاية اكثر ، احبها كلها والله حتى ايامي السيئة منها ، واحبك❤️.
أشكر أيامي على كبر الهدية..