happy birthday girl!!!!

Happy Birthday girl!!!!! :D I hope your day is amazing and awesome! I didn’t know what to do cause I’m not good at making gifs or anything visual, so I decided to write a little something-something. Also a thanks for getting me into the awesome shadow hunters fandom and of course introducing me to MALEC. This one’s for you <3 ENJOY :DDDD

 Gracey xx

 MALEC BDAY FANFIC FOR @orielspnforever, @malecforlaife


“Of course I’ve heard of it.”

 But you’ve never watched it—are you kidding me?”

 “I don’t devote my time to children’s movies—,”

 “Harry Potter is not a children’s movie, it’s a classic. And come on, there’s magic.”

 “Oh, so just because I am a warlock, you automatically assume I have watched and read everything there is related to wizards?”

 “You certainly are old enough to have had the time…”

 “Oh, shut up. You don’t know everything about shadowhuntery things either…runes…fighting…I mean, bow and arrow, a little archaic don’t you think?”

 “Archaic? A bow and arrow are one of the best instruments to use in battle. And I wouldn’t call anything about me archaic, Mr. I’ve-only-dated-seventeen-thousand-people.”

 “Hey, a warlock can get lonely when it’s just him and his magic. Though I do know ways to keep myself busy…”

 “Stop right there.”

 “It just means I’m more experienced. You are in good hands Alec.”


 “Come here.”

 Alec shifts on the couch, closer to Magnus. Slowly, Magnus stretches an arm around the back of the couch, fingers loosely touching Alec’s shoulder. Magnus sends Alec a sly smile.

 “Okay, we’ll watch Harry Potter.”

 “I guarantee you’ll like it.”

 “When have you had time to watch it? You seem like a pretty busy shadow hunter, with the Institute and all.”

 “The Institute was my life before…now it’s different.” Alec sighs, leans a little into Magnus’ touch. “I have time for other things in my life.”

 “I hope I fall under the category of other things….”

 “Shut up and watch the movie.”


 Harry Potter has just gazed into the mirror of Erised, and is staring at James and Lily. Alec hears a small sniff from beside him on the couch. He lifts his head, which had been resting on Magnus’ shoulder—he doesn’t remember when it got there—and looks up. Magnus has a tear running down his face. Alec grins.

 “Are you crying at a children’s movie?”

 “Oh, shut up,” Magnus says, wiping his tear away with his ring finger. “It’s much more than a children’s movie. It’s about family, loss, love…” Magnus catches Alec’s eye and smiles.

 “I’m glad we can agree on something.” Alec sighs and stretches. “Want popcorn?”

 Magnus nods, tears still flashing in the glow of the TV screen. “Extra butter. Extra salt.”

 “Just the way I like it…tasty,” Alec says with a wink. He moves to the kitchen and out of sight. When he comes back, Magnus has a blanket draped over his legs. Alec moves in close, hands the bowl of popcorn to Magnus and settles in beside Magnus, shoulders pressing together.

 Magnus pops a few in his mouth, crunching and starts to movie again, and goes to lay his head on Alec’s shoulder. Alec in turn presses his chin into the top of Magnus’ hair and closes his eyes. Magnus smells like burnt matches, wisps of smoke and butter. He presses his face in and keeps it there, close.

 “Some things are pure magic,” Magnus murmurs into Alec’s chest. He turns his head and gazes up at Alec, locking eyes. A snap in the air, a moment surged with tension. Then Alec is kissing Magnus on the mouth, hard, lips locked in a dance. Alec pulls away.

 “Some things are better than pure magic.”

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Oh, if only, if only 😫 but I got some money for Pinkpop and a gift card, so I’m gonna get me some Green Day merch myself 😄