happy birthday gabi!!!!

“Time is like a river… you cannot touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again…” ~Tanu B Singh

Enjoy every moment of your life!

Wishing my beautiful friend, Gabi @retreatintoserenity​, a very Happy Birthday!! Your kindness, support and friendship have been wonderful blessings, not to mention your recipes!! 😄 Our chats always leave a smile on my face!! I hope you have a day full of love and laughter and lots of chocolate cake!! *BIG HUGS* ~Angie 😙💕🤗🎂


Happy birthday Ruth Elizabeth Davis aka Bette Davis!! ♥♥♥♥

(April 5, 1908 - October 6, 1989)

I think it’s a terrible hindrance for any female to have a lot of intelligence in private life. But I think in business, sometimes it’s even worse because there’s deep resentment. No question about it. From the male side of business. We all work for men. They’re the people in charge and I think they find women easier who haven’t the ability to think for themselves or stand up for themselves. One can make more enemies as a female with a brain, I think. No question about that, among the opposite sex. But I don’t think in business it matters whether you’re a man or a woman if you can do your job and have a brain.

My first memory of Bette Davis is of a powerful image burning on a small screen. When I was a girl, in the sixties, I’d come home from school and I’d turn on the old movie channel and plunk down on the couch with my girlfriends and take lessons from Bette Davis on how to scare the hell out of a man! Some thirty years later when I received the first annual Bette Davis lifetime achievement award at Boston University, I was very very very honored. For me, Bette Davis stood out from other actresses because of her signal audacity. The audacity I’m talking about is the bravery of her work. Bette Davis seemed willing. She even had an appetite for parts that were conventionally unappealing. She changed the requirement that actresses in the movies invariably be likable or attractive. She lifted the veil of appropriate behavior in women to expose what was scary, unexpected or ugly. In other words, to do what was appropriate for the character. - Meryl Streep

Bette Davis was so important to me as a young actress. At the age of 17 starting out in Gaslight, she was my inspiration. Her performance as Mildred in Of Human Bondage was my reference point. In her home Bette has a pillow and with it the embroidery says ‘old age is not for sissies’. For Bette Davis youth, middle age, no time of life is a place for sissies. She is an original. There has never been anyone, before or since, who could touch her. - Angela Lansbury

The great lesson I learned from Bette was her absolute dedication to getting everything just right. She used to spend hours studying the character she was going to play, then hours in make-up ensuring that her physical appearance was right for the part. I have always tried to put the same amount of work into everything I’ve done. - Olivia de Havilland 

Across The World

For my wonderful girlfriend Gabi. Happy Birthday babe! I came back to this because it reminded me of you. I love you. I’ve tried to base a lot of it around us and all of the things we do; but obviously I’ve substituted Yoongi into it. It was meant to be cute but I don’t think it came out as planned hehe. Enjoy baby!

Based off of this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewqls68yKbs (video credit @haradanaoyukii )

I watched it a long time ago and I always find myself going back to it because I love it so much. My whole life is pretty much on the internet too and I have so many Internet Friends(and long distance relationship with Gabi)that this kind of thing is really close to heart and means a lot to me so I wanted to write a pre-debut long distance relationship scenario. I haven’t completely followed the video but it is mostly inspired and based off of the video. Enjoy.

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You X Yoongi

Synopsis:  Based off of this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewqls68yKbs (video credit @haradanaoyukii​ )

Word Count: 2633

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You stared at his face through the pixilated screen and stared into his chocolate eyes while your own welled up with tears. When his facial expression changed to one of pure happiness, your hands flew to cover your reddening face and caught the tears that were falling from your eyes. This was him. It was really him. Min Yoongi. The love of your life. On Skype for the first time.

 “Why are you covering your face? You should be showing off a face like that not hiding it. Really Y/n I thought I had told you this enough about photos. Aish, this girl.” He rambled and looked to the side, rolling his eyes and trying to hide his own smile. But his words only made more tears roll down your face. He seemed to notice your nerves about saying words live for the first time, so he started conversation for you. “How are you then? You good?”

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