happy birthday fran

Ironically, more fights happen on each other’s birthdays because they both on insist on spoiling the other rotten, even the one having the birthday. 

While France demands for England to sit down for once in his life and celebrate, England is always trying to insist that “all these festivities are not needed, can’t we just go somewhere fancy tonight and make it a done deal” (in which France in reply just asks England whether he wants fruits on his birthday pastry).

On the other hand, even before France wakes up, England has all these gifts prepared to give and a full schedule for the day. There’s a lot of, “Well where do you want to go?” back-and-forth between the two during the day, and at the end of the day there’s a scuffle about the cake England baked (we’re still not sure if France still forgets England can cook sweets correctly or if he’s just making it a tradition at this point). 

By the end of the day, however, they both had tons of fun and they wouldn’t replace this day for anything else. 


HEY @kanisaur !!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! this isn’t as cool as the other gifts but I hope it’s ok-


this is the real birthday gift. Happy Birthday you beautiful person you.

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happy birthday you beautiful person ♡♡♡

the tortoise’s two cents: AHHHHHH, oh stars I’m blushing!! This is so beyond cute, and I can’t stop looking at it! It’s me again!! In the Red jacket!! With the wonderful head spirits!! SQUISHING MY CHEEKS!! I’m not worthy! ;; Thank you so much, you huge sweetheart. ♡♡♡

OCTOBER 27: Fran Lebowitz (1950-)

Happy birthday to Fran Lebowitz! The author, actress, and “modern day Dorothy Parker” turns 67-years-old today.

Fran has also been dubbed a “famously contrarian humorist” (x).

Frances Ann Lebowitz was born on October 27, 1950 in Morristown, New Jersey. She was raised in a middle-class Jewish family, but claims she had been an atheist since the age of 7. One of her famous quotes on Jewish identity reads, “Jewish identity is ethnic or cultural or whatever people call it now, but it’s not religious.” A “trouble child,” she was expelled from her high school before graduating but was able to receive a GED.

In her early years, Fran worked various low paying jobs and was struggling to get by, but her “big break” came when she was hired by Andy Warhol to come on as a columnist at Interview Magazine. She made a name for herself at Interview and her specific brand of wit became a staple of the mag. This was followed by a columnist position at Mademoiselle Magazine and two essay collections titled Metropolitan Life and Social Studies. She had a recurring role on Law & Order from 2001 to 2007, made several appearances on Late Night David Letterman, and has two infamous works-in-progress titled Progress and Exterior Signs of Wealth.

Although she has never had a public coming out, it has become somewhat of a known fact in New York society that Fran Lebowitz is a lesbian. Her butch fashion sense has become iconic and she was named one of Vanity Fair’s internationally best dressed women of 2007. The most Fran has spoken publicly about LGBT matters was is her critiques of the community’s fixation on marriage equality. In an interview with Paper Magazine in 2014, she had this to say: 

“The idea that those words [‘gay marriage’] are together is so hilarious to me. As I’ve said numerous times, I know that people wanted it, now they can do it in New York. I say ‘they’ not because I’m not gay, but because I’m not getting married. In a million years I never would have thought of this. People always say, ‘You were always fighting for this, right?’ No, I wasn’t. I wasn’t that kind of political activist. I never even imagined that anyone was even thinking about this, which I don’t think they were in 1971. To me, this goes more along with the other ways in which this culture is how it was in the 1950s. For me, if you want to get married, get married, I don’t care. I frankly don’t understand why people get married. When I was young, nobody did. It seems to me so confined.”


the signs and their positions when planning jeonghan's birthday party
  • aries: the one passed out on the floor from blowing so many balloons
  • taurus: the dj
  • gemini: the one helping scorpio hang banners but is really throwing confetti at them
  • cancer: the one panicking over aries
  • leo: the one who bosses everyone around but does nothing
  • virgo: the cake orderer
  • libra: the actual jeonghan
  • scorpio: the one who's hanging banners
  • sagittarius: the one hanging out with jeonghan making sure he doesn't go to the dorms too early
  • capricorn: the one yelling at the food catering
  • aquarius: the one blowing balloons
  • pisces: supposed to be buying extra decorations but is actually dancing to taurus' jams
  • all the signs: wishing jeonghan a happy birthday

Dransy edit for @fortesques birthday, happy birthday Fran!!!

“Prove them wrong. Show them who’s boss.”