happy birthday for you bb!

okay i made this art for @aquacanis ‘s birthday ((IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY JUST YESTERDAY GUYS)) <3 but also i’m really really proud of it ahhh i think it’s my favorite work atm. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB your party was lit

(im not through with you yet MerMay)


among all the lilacs and lillies in his life, the one that caught min yoongi’s eye the most was the one that the world was obsessed with: kim seokjin. handsome, courageous, kind, and most of all: hopeful. and before yoongi could even fathom of being with the stranger, the same kim seokjin and his pink sweaters found their way into his life, permanently settling into his home and heart for days to come.

congrats on finishing your exams, @seokjinthealpaca!


930215 ☆ happy birthday ravi!

happy birthday to the number one rapper in all starlights’ hearts! ravi, you constantly amaze us with your beautiful lyrics, amazing compositions, and your ability to be the sweetest but most baddass rapper ever. your unconditional love for vixx and your fans is so endearing, and we appreciate all that you do for us. you celebrate us every day, but today, we’re celebrating you.


Happy birthday Nigel John Taylor (20 June 1960)

‘I remember staring at his face and slowly realising that he was rather beautiful, exquisite in fact. I mean, this was the best looking guy I’d seen in years, maybe my whole life. Losing his glasses and changing his name to John was the best thing he ever did.’- Simon Le Bon