happy birthday erin!!


Kristen Carroll Wiig - August 22nd 1973

I was hesitant to take an acting class because I’m not a performer in my head, I hated speaking in front of the class, I’d miss it if I could, I failed classes because I didn't want to give book reports.
I still have that a little bit when I’m myself and have to speak in front of groups, I haven't honed that skill… I get in my head when I’m telling a story; where is this going, what are they looking at, is my mouth crooked, what am I saying, how do I end this… I’ve just never been in the spotlight, I’ve never liked it.


flintwood — step out into the wild / there’s a beautiful storm in your eyes / we’re perfectly intertwined / and if it’s quite alright / you could be my way of life //

happy (belated) birthday, dear erin @mxrcusflint!

In which @kane-and-griffin, @brittanias and @abigailkanes attempt to sing “Happy Birthday” to @reblogginhood, with predictably disastrous results.

Anyway, PLEASE GO WISH MY BEST GIRL A HAPPY BIRTHDAY, she is the smartest and coolest and best of humans and I am so lucky I get to co-host this podcast with her, GO GIVE HER HUGS SHE DESERVES IT

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