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Do I still run your mind? 

      When I think about you, my mind always travels to your small hand in mine, how I used to hold your hand whenever we were close, as if this would make sure that you disappear, that even if it wasn’t a dream, you wouldn`t fade away. Your real smile that made me proud when I knew I was the one who caused it, and unfortunately you don’t allow everyone sees it, now you never let anyone make you smile, always with a mask. I was I fool and you used it.

     For you, everything seemed so easy. 

AM conversation 1:

“Ámbar.” Simón said once she picked up the called, even she couldn’t see him, she knew he was smiling. 

“Simón.” She giggled his name. These late calls are becoming a habit for them, at least three nights per week she talks to him before going to bed. There was a time she fell asleep on the phone, she just couldn’t hang up and ended sleeping. “Any reason why you’re calling today?” 

“No…” it escaped his lips. “Do I need a reason? Hm, because I just wanted to hear your voice.” A smile surpassed unnoticed through her lips while she threw herself on the bed. 

“Hm.” Ámbar hummed, her mind was unable of forming a coherent sentence. He waited a few minutes for an answer but nothing came, he only could hear her breath. 

“That’s all you have to say?” He snickered, even if he liked to hear her breathing and imagine she was there, laying with him on his bed, he truly needed her voice. Unfortunately for him, she made it into a game and just hummed agreeing, his laughter made its way through the phone. “Will you really let me hanging?” Only her giggle could be heard. “Come on, Ámbar!” He begged and again her answer was a giggle. He was starting to enjoy the game, making her laugh made his stomach turns and flips. “Bonita, if you are not gonna speak, I’ll be forced to speak for you.” She sighed. “Okay, Simón.” He mimicked her voice with a thin tone making her burst into laughter. The sound was loud through the speaker and he lost track of logic thoughts. 

Minutes passed in complete silence, only their breaths being a soundtrack to each other. Simón concerned she would fell sleep again, even if he enjoyed the game, he hadn’t heard her voice enough to calm his mind and be able to sleep. 

“Oh bonito, sing to me.” He mimicked her voice again and relief rushed his body when her laugh sounded, she still awake. But he didn’t keep going, he let the silence returns. 

“Sing to me.” Ámbar murmured, his voice is turning into her favorite sound, it made her heart go crazy and at the same time she felt really peaceful. Simón followed her words as an order. 

Tell me

 Just what you want me to be

One kiss

And boom, you’re the only one for me

He started to sing the song, it was the only lyrics he could remember in the moment, like this song had everything he wasn’t able of telling her. His mind keeps getting puzzled when she was around.  

Once Ámbar listened to the first lines, she recognized The Game of Love quickly. She was surprised, she was expecting some song he usually sings on the band, but he got a random old song. Her heart skipped a beat when a thought becomes clear. 

He meant the lyrics. It wasn’t a random old song, he’s actually telling her those words. 

The peace in her body vanished and it was replaced by the urge to sing along as an answer to what he was telling her, the need of singing it with him, make him understand she meant those words too. 

It just takes a little bit of this

A little bit of that 

It started with a kiss

Now we’re up to bat 

A little bit of laughs 

A little bit of pain

I’m telling you, my babe

It’s all in the game of love 

Her voice joined his, their breaths getting the same rhythm, the melody making their heart beat the same. He could feel the connection between them, it almost felt as if he reached out his hand he would be able of touching her as if they were in the same room. They weren’t but both of them could feel the weight of the lyrics and how much it meant. By the end of the song, Simón stopped singing closing his eyes just to hear her voice perfectly recite.

  It’s all in the game of love 

“You dropped me!” Ámbar accused when she noticed he stopped singing. 

“I said wanted to hear your voice.” Simón smiled not regretting at all for the last words she sang. It would be recorded in his mind and he would be of replaying it whenever he needed her voice. Plus, those exactly words from her voice came as a request that he was willing to take. 

“Don’t drop me.” She faked a hurt tone, holding a laugh for the drama. 

“No, I would never drop you.” His phrase came as a vow. Ámbar tried to retain herself, not to allow her heart to give in so easily. Already too late to fight it. 

“You fool, I thought you were a good guy and you played me.” She decides to change the topic, it was safer than where they were heading. 

“A good guy do what he has to do, we also have our ways.” He joked. Their conversation went for hours that day, it only ended when Ámbar fell asleep on the phone. 

AM conversation 2: 

“Ámbar.” Simón swears her name, anger boiling in his voice. It was her sixth call that night and he is tired. If it wasn’t exhausting enough being through the rollercoaster of emotions on the Roda Fest, after the competition Jam & Roller hangout through Cancun, having him and Luna as guides which was really cool but made him even more tired. 

And he could’ve turned the phone down or just put on airplane mode, although something inside doesn’t allow it. 

“Don’t hang up!” Ámbar demands, her voice was just a phantom of what its usual tone. “I just want to hear your voice.” The desperate echoing in her words.

“Hm.” He hums in a response. Simón is getting worried, what he’s listening it’s not Ámbar, not his Ámbar. Well, his Ámbar doesn’t exist but whoever it was, it’s not that faint voice on the phone. On the other hand, worrying about her would show he still care and he shouldn’t care, she didn’t care when she was lying to everyone. Why would he care about him? 

And it hits him again: He’s not like her, he gives people chance, try to see people’s good side. He can help her, forgive her.  

The Ámbar storm makes his head spin. 

“Please, I only need to hear you a bit.” She pleads almost begging. Since she watched her godmother get into the helicopter, leaving her behind alone, she is feeling suffocate as if she is a step away from falling off a cliff and meet the hard rocks below. The only thing she had to bring her a bit of peace was listening to The Game of Love but it wasn’t enough, the singer had no effect on her. So she began to call him at 3 AM, even if he didn’t pick up she couldn’t give up. His voice was her only source of peaceful, but he hates her. “I know you don’t care, but please, please, don’t let me…” Hanging. She can’t what hurt the most saying out loud that didn’t care and not hearing him correct her or realizing she denied to him exactly what she needed now. With all the left strength her body, she represses her sobs not to be loud when her tears began to fall. 

“What do you want?” He fumes mad for not being able of denying what she asked nor hanging up the call. 

“Hear your…" 

"Oh Ámbar you didn’t call me for telling me a lie to me, did you?” He rolled his eyes and then a sob sounds through the speaker. “Ámbar?” He frets fast. “Are you alright? What happened?” She can’t tell him and it breaks her heart even more than trying to tell him the truth because he is in his right to be angry at her if she doesn’t trust him. She cried louder, the pain in her heart increasing, her head feeling heavier. “What do you need?” Simón decides he just wants her to feel better, he could take a revengeful Ámbar, but a depressed Ámbar no, he would anything to see her better even if it was too see her being mean. 

“Sing to me.” Ámbar begs with a cracking voice, he starts singing the only lyrics he can recall. 

Tell me 

Just what you want me to be

One kiss

And boom, you’re the only one for me 

Those feelings of how it went he first sang this song for her arises and once again the lyrics are meaningful. Each word not failing in creating its way to Ámbar’s chest and making her heart lighter. 

Although, when the second verse comes, Ámbar’s voice doesn’t join his. And that’s the point he realizes something is terribly wrong. She isn’t faking to get what she wants like he previously thought so he paused before reaching the chorus.

“Don’t let me alone.” He asks softly. “Don’t drop me.” Repeating her words from long ago.

“But you did.” She whispered breathily, so low that if wasn’t said in the middle of the night, it would be lost in the thousand sounds of daylight. He would have defended himself but he doesn’t feel like the right time for this.  

“Bonita, sing with me.” He insists avoiding fighting and she hums agreeing, getting that they were both too tired for it, they’ve called a quit for tonight. 

It just takes a little bit of this

A little bit of that It started with a kiss

Now we’re up to bat

A little bit of laughs

A little bit of pain 

They couldn’t tell how, if the lyrics are the same, the chorus could once have been so happy and now be hurtful. It isn’t regretted what they had, they would never regret it, even looking at how it went. The main thought on their minds is what they could’ve been, their imagination running wild about what would be an us, everything being underlined by an almost. 

At the end of the song, the phrase keeps echoing. 

It’s all in the game of love

The pain, joy, sadness, happiness are all side effects of the game. 

“Thank you.” Ámbar whispers trying to get ready to hang up, meaning finish their small break from the wreck reality. 

“Don’t hang up.” The ask escapes his lips without his consent. 

“I don’t want to talk now.”  

“We don’t have to.” Simón hisses. He just wants to hear her there, to know lowkey know she is fine, make she won’t slip out of his reach. 

They stayed in silence for minutes, maybe hours, just having each other’s breaths as the soundtrack to their insomnia. The call only ended at some point while they both were sleep.


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I wanted to wish you a happy happy birthday you’re not only an amazing writer, artist and adam driver stan but also one of my closest friends on here. I’m so grateful for that! I really hope you enjoy disney together with (daddy) ren. you will always be the ben solo to my kylo ren. 

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Kin I have a question, how can I support you as an artist when I can't buy any of the things that you do? I'm sorry if it sounds rude or weird but I really think that you have great skills and you are very kind, so I was just wondering and argh *face palm*... well I don't know how to write my thoughts so thats it. Have a nice day! and very happy *cough emm late* birthday!!! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ -> me making a happy birthday dance for you

Thank you for asking it, I’m not botherd by it or anything ^^ 

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Synopsis: It’s Simon’s 19th birthday and Penelope wants to throw him a surprise party. She decides to have Baz take him out for a few drinks to get them out of the way. A truce for one night just before summer, Snow and Baz get to finally know each other after living together for almost a year. College!AU For the Simon’s b-day fic project by @sncwbaz

Rating: T

Pairing: Simon Snow/Baz Pitch

June 19th


“Please Baz”

“You’re absurd if you think I or Snow will go along with this Bunce”

“You’ll find a way to persuade him, you always do.”

I raise an eyebrow in response.

“It’s his birthday Baz. I just want him to have a nice day.”

I sigh, only Bunce would come up with a plan as utterly ridiculous as this.

“You just have to take him out for a few hours while we set up a party for him here. It’s nothing major, a few drinks, I’ll pay if you want! We just need to get him out for a while.”

It’s Simon Snow’s birthday in two days and Penelope Bunce has come up with the brilliant idea of throwing him a surprise party in our apartment.

There are only five things you need to know about the tragedy that is Simon Snow;

1: He’s obsessed with food (like really obsessed, it’s all he thinks about)

2: Due to unfortunate, mandatory housing arrangements, he and I live together

3: He’s studying to be a teacher because he is practically a child himself (though he will deny it)

4: He despises me because I accidently pushed him down the stairs on moving day at the start of the year.

5: I’m hopelessly in love with him.

We were assigned to live together at the start of the year and it’s only gone downhill since then.

The first few months were torture.

Living with the drop dead gorgeous student with blonde curls and piecing blue eyes that made my breath catch was bad enough but said student was also the greatest idiot I had ever met.

He got crumbs all over our tiny apartment, he was always hogging the T.V. by watching sci-fi shows with his best friend Penelope with the big frizzy red hair and purple glasses and he never knew when to shut up.

Simon Snow could talk for days on end and never pause to take a breath. And most of what he says is utter nonsense but nobody calls him out on it. Well, nobody except me.

He’s also a hypocrite. Because while he doesn’t care that his chatter all day disturbs me, the minute I got out my violin and practised, he started complaining about the noise.

Though I suppose I had been playing at two in the morning but in my defence how was I supposed to sleep knowing that Snow was sleeping half naked on the other side of my bedroom wall?

Of course I couldn’t tell him that so I told him I was stressed about school.

He actually had the nerve to narrow those perfect blonde eyebrows of his and ask if I wanted to talk about it.

I told him he needed to stop acting like his annoying ex girlfriend Agatha and keep out of my business.

He stormed back into his room in a huff and I almost continued playing just to rile him up further.

But I didn’t.

Because that night when he stormed into my room, his eyes filled with exhaustion and rage, his hair tussled from sleep and so much of his glistening brown skin on show was the night that I finally accepted that I was quickly falling in love with him.

“Why don’t you take him out and I’ll help set up the party?” I suggest “Snow’s much more likely to agree to go out with you than with me.”

‘Because he’s straight.’ I remind myself 'And even if he weren’t, you’re the last person he’d want to be with.’

Bunce avoids my eyes, “I thought of that but our friends weren’t sure…”

I roll my eyes, “Your friends are afraid to be alone with me? Really? Just what rumours are Snow and you spreading about me?”

Bunce huffs, “You aren’t exactly subtle about your hatred for Simon, Baz. Plus you know I can never lie to him. I know you can so please? Just this one day, do something nice for him.”

Bunce is unfortuantly right.

If I can lie about my feelings for him for all these months then I should be able to hide his surprise party from him for a few hours.

Summer holidays start in two weeks anyway and I’ll be free of the -oh so perfect- Simon Snow for two whole months.

“Fine” I say, keeping the edge in my tone so Bunce knows that I’m not one bit happy about this.

Bunce’s eyes widen with joy and surprise and she grins madly,

“Oh thank you, thank you! You’re doing me a massive favour Baz! I won’t forget this.”

“You better not” I mutter but she doesn’t seem to be listening to me anymore

“Would you be able to take him out around 7? We should have everything sorted by 9 so could you be back by then? Oh this is amazing, he’ll love it!”

Penelope is already halfway out the door and is looking around my apartment and murmuring about where to put what.

“Sure Bunce.”

“You’re a star Baz! See you then!”

And then the door slams closed. I wince and wonder what on earth I’ve gotten myself into.

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