happy birthday elmo magalona


ang bebe boy ng mga Adiks sobrang binata na! (parang kailan lang totoy ka pa! hehe) 

I just want you to know na ikaw lang ang Lalaking hindi ko naman jowa eh pinoroblema ko ng bonggang-bongga i even drunk myself to death last year! wahaha OO Emong ganyan kita kamahal kayong dalawa ni Julie-bebe!

I would like to thank you for all the joy & happiness you’ve given me. Being your fan is such a great feeling. The pride and admiration that i feel every time you perform, giving your all/best to make your fans super happy.

Being strong(or so it seems) when they’re throwing daggers (yep ganyan sila kasama! wahaha) and hurtful words at you. Staying Silent even if inside it’s killing you. (never kang pumatol sa mga bashers,haters & detractors mo..and that alone makes me really proud of you.)

Being Patient, Understanding and most of all for staying still and believing that everything will be fine. Just as long as you have faith.

I may have doubted(teeny weeny doubt)you once but my Support and Love for you never faltered.

Even when things got worse, no ones seems to believe you, everybody’s saying you’re a freaking jerk. I remained as a fan cause in believe you! And i’m freaking Proud to say that i stayed even if feels like there’s no hope(ok what am i talking bout? *smh* lol)..cause nothing Compares to you Elmo. ikaw na yan! nag-iisa ka lang at walang katulad! ;D

Thank you so much for taking care of our Princess/bebe girl (sino pa ba? *winks*) and paki-bawas bawasan ang pagiging seloso..echosa! *takbooo* nyahaha

Happy Happy Na Birthday Moe pa Boy Tulog, Boy Lafang, Boy Pandesal, Boy Bakod, Boy Higop, Boy Sunggab, Stutter King, Boy Titig, Boy Telekenesis, Wafu and ang nag-iisang Bebe Boy ng mga adiks! Stay super happy Emong kasi Mahal na Mahal ka nya este kita/naming mga adiks! Ich Liebe Dich! mwuaah :*

p.s. ang ganda ganda na ng boses moe! can’t wait for you Album! ^___^

(sorry ang sabaw ng bday blog ko for you emong..on the spot kasi eh..nyahaha)

Not A Bad Thing

Julie was standing in front of the mirror, in the middle of the afternoon, fixing herself and applying the lightest touch of make up to her already beautiful face. She tried to smile at herself but it came out a wince.

It was one of those days when her mood swings were at worst. She didn’t really feel like going out today but she already promised her Sundays to Elmo. He had been courting her for a half a year now and though it seemed like they were pretty much a couple already, the only thing missing was her ‘yes.’ But she didn’t think it was time yet. She felt like it was still too soon to risk falling in love again though Elmo had been nothing but good, even better than her asshole ex. He was probably the sweetest and most thoughtful person she had ever met. And probably the most honest. He never broke any of the promises he made and that earned him a lot of points from her. She wouldn’t deny that she cared for him more than she was letting on but the walls she built were standing tall because of her latest heart break and she was still afraid to let her guard down to let Elmo completely in. Julie thought he was too good to be true.

She noticed from her bedroom window that the sky was dark and black clouds started to form; it looked like a heavy rain was coming. She laughed once as she thought that the sky was sympathizing with her mood. When she was done prepping up, she snatched her clutch bag and phone from her bed and went down. Just when she landed to the first floor, she heard a loud thunder cracked and the rain suddenly poured hard. She heaved a sigh and she wasn’t even sure if it was out of relief or disappointment.

The phone she was clutching to her hand suddenly rang. It was Elmo. She answered immediately. “Julie—”

“Moe, can we cancel today?” She asked, cutting him off. “Looks like the rain isn’t going to stop anytime soon.”

“But it’s Sunday,” he reminded her.

“I know but—”

“We have a date.” He sounded like he was pleading. She couldn’t tell though.

She heaved a sigh of frustration before she answered. “We can always reschedule. Rain check tomorrow?” But he didn’t answer. “Okay?”

She heard him sighed defeatedly then he hung up. She was surprised to realize that it was the first time Elmo hung up on her. She felt guilty as she thought that maybe Elmo was really looking forward to this date. He had always something up on his sleeves. He never ran out of ideas and effort to make her feel special and that made her even feel more guilty than she already was for being such a bitch to him.

She was contemplating to call him back when her mother walked through the front door, holding a bag of groceries and an umbrella. “Julie,” her mother called out. “I think Elmo has been waiting for you outside,” her mother informed her.

“What?” She asked, confused.

“Go, check,” her mother answered as she nodded her head to the window.

She ran from the hallway to the window and peaked through the curtains. True enough, she saw Elmo standing under the tree across the street from their house, using the tree in attempt to protect himself from the rain as he didn’t have an umbrella with him.

She immediately grabbed one from the rack and went for the door. When she got to their gate, Elmo walked slowly toward their house letting himself get soaked under the rain.

She frowned at him as he just stared at her. Raindrops dripping through his face and his clothes were sticking to his lean and muscular form. “Moe.. How long have you been waiting here?” She demanded, though she already knew the answer.

“Since before the rain started,” he answered quietly. He was trying to look at her through the raindrops but it was hard so he had to blink several times to get rid of the water from his eyes.

His answer made her heart clench and she wanted to cry but she fiercely pulled him into a hug with her free hand as she held the umbrella with the other to protect them both from the rain. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, not caring that she was her clothes were starting to get wet.

“It’s my birthday,” he mumbled shyly.

She leaned back to look at him incredulously. “Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked, surprised.

She thought it explained why his voice was desparate to push through with their date. And she couldn’t even feel more bad for cancelling on him earlier.

He just shrugged like it was not really a big deal. “It doesn’t matter. It’s Sunday. We always go out on Sundays,” he said as-a-matter-of-factly, looking away.

“Yes, it does! I would’ve gotten you a gift had I known,” she whined.

His gaze went back to her and he smiled softly before he spoke. “Just being with you is enough for a gift, you know,” he assured her.

“Aw.” She smiled back as softly and reached for his hand and tugged it. “Okay, let’s go.”

He finally beamed at her, his smile reaching his eyes. It was like he just received the best gift ever and she couldn’t help but stare at him in awe. “But I can move our restaurant reservation to 8pm. I should change my clothes first. I’m drenched,” he stated, gesturing to his body.

“No, it’s okay.”


“Cancel the reservation,” she suggested.

“But I thought—”

“Let’s have our date now!” She giggled then she closed her umbrella and tossed it somewhere. “In the rain!” She exclaimed as she ran to the middle of the road, spreading her arms out and spinning around as she looked up the sky. In less than a minute, her dress was already as drenched as his clothes and her hair was sticking to her cheeks and forehead.

He laughed and ran to her. “You, crazy woman!”

He scooped her up to his shoulder like a sack and he started to ran the block, back and forth. She giggled hysterically as she slapped his back and pinched his butt.


He yelped then he swatted Julie’s buttcheek playfully. He spun her around twice before he dropped her down to her ass on the sidewalk, still both of them were giggling uncontrollably.

The streets were already flooded up to their ankles. So she kicked on the water and it splashed to his lower body to get even.


She challenged then she removed her heels and started to run away from him. But she was only able to get a few feet away when he caught her by the waist and spun her around one last time before he turned her around to face him.

They were both breathless, panting and smiling to each other. Not minding that it was still raining cats and dogs. He pulled her closer to him as she wrapped her arms around his neck, their foreheads resting on each other.

“I’m so sorry for trying to cancel on you,” she breathed, looking straight into his eyes.

He shook his head dismissively then smiled. “It’s okay. It’s not your fault.”

“Happy birthday,” she greeted him softly, touching her lips to him in a sweet and quick manner.

Elmo grinned widely at her like a child, it made his eyes almost disappear. “Thanks,” he said cheerfully.

He easily lifted her body and she looped her long and perfect legs around his waist. “Not bad for a celebration, huh?” She muttered in his mouth.

“Nope. Not bad at all,” he agreed, his lips slightly brushing against hers when he spoke.

She leaned back to gaze at him for a while. He was the beautiful and the raindrops just made him more like a dream. She studied his face, his eyes and brows, his nose, his cheeks and his lips. All the while, wondering why she was trying to protect her heart from him when she knew he had given her completely the power to break his when he told her he loved her the first time.

Julie decided there was no point in holding her walls back up so she let them crumble down in pieces together with her worries and fears.

She closed her eyes as she nuzzled his nose with hers intimately. She then whispered, “Do you know that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me?” It was a rhetorical question so she didn’t wait for his answer before she added, “Will you be my boyfriend, officially?”

She opened her eyes and smiled sheepishly at him as she watched the reaction on his face to change from shock to pure happiness.

Elmo hugged him tighter she almost couldn’t breathe. “I love you!”

“I love you, too, birthday boy.”

Note: I know it’s kinda late, but happy birthday, my Elmo boy! :*