happy birthday elmo magalona


ang bebe boy ng mga Adiks sobrang binata na! (parang kailan lang totoy ka pa! hehe) 

I just want you to know na ikaw lang ang Lalaking hindi ko naman jowa eh pinoroblema ko ng bonggang-bongga i even drunk myself to death last year! wahaha OO Emong ganyan kita kamahal kayong dalawa ni Julie-bebe!

I would like to thank you for all the joy & happiness you’ve given me. Being your fan is such a great feeling. The pride and admiration that i feel every time you perform, giving your all/best to make your fans super happy.

Being strong(or so it seems) when they’re throwing daggers (yep ganyan sila kasama! wahaha) and hurtful words at you. Staying Silent even if inside it’s killing you. (never kang pumatol sa mga bashers,haters & detractors mo..and that alone makes me really proud of you.)

Being Patient, Understanding and most of all for staying still and believing that everything will be fine. Just as long as you have faith.

I may have doubted(teeny weeny doubt)you once but my Support and Love for you never faltered.

Even when things got worse, no ones seems to believe you, everybody’s saying you’re a freaking jerk. I remained as a fan cause in believe you! And i’m freaking Proud to say that i stayed even if feels like there’s no hope(ok what am i talking bout? *smh* lol)..cause nothing Compares to you Elmo. ikaw na yan! nag-iisa ka lang at walang katulad! ;D

Thank you so much for taking care of our Princess/bebe girl (sino pa ba? *winks*) and paki-bawas bawasan ang pagiging seloso..echosa! *takbooo* nyahaha

Happy Happy Na Birthday Moe pa Boy Tulog, Boy Lafang, Boy Pandesal, Boy Bakod, Boy Higop, Boy Sunggab, Stutter King, Boy Titig, Boy Telekenesis, Wafu and ang nag-iisang Bebe Boy ng mga adiks! Stay super happy Emong kasi Mahal na Mahal ka nya este kita/naming mga adiks! Ich Liebe Dich! mwuaah :*

p.s. ang ganda ganda na ng boses moe! can’t wait for you Album! ^___^

(sorry ang sabaw ng bday blog ko for you emong..on the spot kasi eh..nyahaha)